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AniTAY Podcast S4 E4: Shit Taste My Friends, Shit Taste

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After the devastating loss of the previous episode, the AniTAY Podcast has managed to return despite longtime fans’ hopes that we would just end it and finally remove Requiem’s platform for offering his terrible anime selections to the unsuspecting masses. This episode, we warm up with some bad takes from Japanese anime fans (via Crunchyroll) and move on to some truly terrible takes from the AniTAY authors themselves. When will the madness end?


This episode’s members: hybridmink, Kinksy, Requiem, Dilkokoro

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Intro: 0:00 - 1:37

News (IGN Article on Demon Slayer): 1:38 - 5:03

News (Crunchyroll popularity poll): 5:04 - 20:35

Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure: 20:36 - 27:23

Vinland Saga: 27:24 - 31:25

Astra Lost in Space: 31:26 - 35:54

Fruits Basket: 35:55 - 40:30

Carol and Tuesday: 40:31 - 45:20

Kotura-san: 45:36 - 48:53

Code Geass: 49:15 - 53:01

Angel Beats: 53:02 - 54:12

Denocoil: 54:13 - 58:29

Kinksy’s Rapid Fire Anime Recommendations: 58:43 - 1:02:45

Land of the Lustrous: 1:03:32 - 1:05:04

Ghost in the Shell: 1:05:10 - 1:09:05

Tokyo Ghoul: 1:09:19 - 1:13:17

Neon Genesis Evangelion: 1:13:18 - 1:20:22 (RIP Requiem)

Outro: 1:20:23 - End

Thanks to Thatsmapizza for his help editing this episode of the podcast!

If you missed our previous episode, here it is:


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