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AniTAY Podcast S4 E12: Let's Talk Pokemon Sword and Shield (and Anime)

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I know everyone has been wondering: when will AniTAY address the great Pokemon schism of 2019? How can I decide whether or not to buy the games until I know what Gugsy thinks (to choose the opposite)? Look no further, because today we chat about all things Pokemon, fall 2019 anime, and even talk about our favorite anime offerings from 2019.


This episode’s members: Protonstorm, Gugsy, Dilkokoro, Thatsmapizza

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Intro: 00:00 - 0:52

AniTAY Articles and Pokemon Discussion

Pokemon Sword and Shield: 0:53 - 12:31

Radiant: 12:32 - 16:16

Konosuba Movie: 16:17 - 17:34

Anime Seasons Rating Statistics: 17:35 - 21:47

Amazon Prime Video: 21:48 - 32:22

Currently Airing Anime

Babylon: 32:23 - 43:19

Kemono Miichi: 43:20 - 51:15

Psycho-Pass 3: 51:16 - 1:02:23

Cautious Hero: 1:02:24 - 1:17:12

(Brief) News

Shounen Jump Editor’s Gaffe: 1:17:13 - 1:27:32

Shifts in Anime Trends: 1:27:33 - 1:32:41

Question of the Week

Vinland Saga: 1:32:42 - 1:37:38

Mob Psycho 100: 1:37:39 - 1:42:02

O Maidens in Your Savage Season: 1:42:03 - 1:45:45

The Promised Neverland: 1:45:46 - 1:53:58

Outro: 1:53:59 - End

Thanks to Thatsmapizza for their work editing this episode of the podcast!

If you missed our previous episode, here it is:


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