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AniTAY Podcast S4 E10: No One Can Agree on Stars Align

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Fall 2019 is in full swing and so are the hot takes about all the spicy products on the seasonal menu. After all, why kill each other over Popeye’s chicken sandwiches when we can just kill each other over some tennis anime? Join the AniTAY crew as we discuss Japanese emperors, Stars Align, and our favorite opening themes of 2019, all in one episode!


*Apologies for slight cut outs in the audio this episode. Everyone’s internet was a bit sketchy when we recorded.

This episode’s members: Protonstorm, Gugsy, Reikaze, Requiem

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Intro: 00:00 - 0:45

Hater’s Guide to MHA: 0:46 - 3:00

A Silent Voice: 3:01 - 4:14

Little Town Hero: 4:15 - 7:17

Maquia When the Promised Flower Blooms: 7:18 - 10:14

Pokemon Sword and Shield: 10:15 - 16:00

Stars Align News: 16:01 - 22:26

Japanese Imperial Enthronement: 22:27 - 27:27

Kabukicho Sherlock: 27:28 - 31:13

Stars Align: 31:14 - 46:49

Assassin’s Pride: 46:50 - 52:25

Cautious Hero: 52:26 - 58:58

Are You the Only One Who Loves Me: 58:59 - 1:05:10

Favorite Anime Openings (Gugsy): 1:05:11 - 1:12:16

Favorite Anime Openings (Requiem): 1:12:17 - 1:19:04

Favorite Anime Openings (Reikaze): 1:19:05 - 1:24:25

Favorite Anime Openings (Proton): 1:24:26 - End

Thanks to Reikaze and Thatsmapizza for their work editing this episode of the podcast!


If you missed our previous episode, here it is:


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