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AniTAY Podcast After Hours: The 2019 Crunchyroll Anime Awards

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You may have seen/heard that the Crunchyroll Anime Awards aired last month. Quite a few of us over here on AniTAY tuned in together to listen. This is the resulting audio.


This is not an official episode of the podcast (there was really no planning or organization involved whatsoever), but if you are looking for some goons to listen to and inevitably be disappointed by the award selections with, then look no further than this podcast.

To follow along, watch the Crunchyroll Anime Awards video here. The podcast recording starts about 20 seconds into the award video, so if you start the podcast at that point you can be in sync with us as you watch.


The AniTAY Podcast is on iTunes! Be sure to check us out!

If you missed our previous episode (from a while ago), here it is:


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