Thanks to everyone who came out. These were definitely interesting film (if short, but so pretty). We will be back in a couple weeks time with more films to watch together so stay tuned!

Hey AniTAY! This weekend we are back with another AniTAY movie weekend, with a double dose of Makoto Shinkai films! We will be watching The Garden of Words on Friday Feb 26 at 10 PM EST, and 5 Centimeters Per Second on Saturday Feb 27 at 8 PM EST. (Please note the new times).

If you want to join us, find a copy of the movie(s) to watch at home, then join our AniTAY Movie Discord Chat here:… We press Play on the hour so don’t be late!

The Garden of Words


A 15-year-old boy and 27-year-old woman find an unlikely friendship one rainy day in the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. These two broken pieces come together and heal one another as they learn what it is to walk.-IMDB

5 Centimeters Per Second


Told in three interconnected segments, we follow a young man named Takaki through his life as cruel winters, cold technology, and finally, adult obligations and responsibility converge to test the delicate petals of love.- IMDB