AniTAY Movie Night - Summer of Ghibli's Final Movie! - Princess Mononoke! - Tonight!

Hello AniTAY! The Summer of Ghibli movie event has finally reached the finish line! You’ve voted all summer for one of the three most popular and most well known anime films: My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away and we finally have a winner! With an overwhelming lead, you the readers selected Princess Mononoke to be our final Summer of Ghibli movie at 10 PM EST, Saturday July 29th. We hope that if you haven’t seen this movie before, you come and join the group and see what all the fuss is about!

It’s been a fantastic summer, and we’re all very happy with how many of you joined us in this event. But it doesn’t end here! The next movie is a special one for us, and if you know or don’t know why, we’ll still appreciate you joining us. And of course, you can always suggest new movies for the group to watch! We’ve gone through a fair number of anime movies in our time together, and we can always rewatch some of them if we really loved them.


So please follow along with us, as this week again is your winner, Princess Mononoke! If you want to join us, find a copy of the movie to watch at home, then join our AniTAY Movie Discord Chat here: We press Play on the hour so don’t be late!

On a journey to find the cure for a Tatarigami’s curse, Ashitaka finds himself in the middle of a war between the forest gods and Tatara, a mining colony. In this quest he also meets San, the Mononoke Hime- IMDB

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