“Haha... You’re joking, right?” Look at the date. Tell me, is it April 1st? Nope. Thus, there is no joke. We’re completely serious. This upcoming Movie Night, we will be viewing the atrocity known as Pupa on Friday, January 13th at 10 PM EST. I know it’s not a movie, but it’s super short. How about it? Let’s suffer together! :P

(Note: If you haven’t watched this before, you are not alone, for you and I are on the same boat.)


Haven’t done this before? No worries! Just find a copy of the movie to watch at home, then join our AniTAY Movie Discord Chat here: https://discord.gg/33s4kVc We start on the hour, so don’t be late! If you have any questions, just drop a comment either here or in the Movie Chat.

A boy, Utsutsu, and his little sister, Yume, are siblings who find themselves all alone. After Yume’s body undergoes a strange metamorphosis into a creature that eats humans, Utsutsu struggles to find a way to restore her. - (IMDb Synopsis)

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