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AniTAY Goes to Naka-kon Again!

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Hello everyone. Much like last year, I will be attending Naka-kon and repping AniTAY. At last year’s convention, I attended as a member of the press, but this year we are actually changing things up a little bit. More specifically, there will be an AniTAY panel! Here’s how the description reads in the convention guidebooks:

Reviewing Anime: A Different Perspective (Michael Burns, 1 hour)
Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes for the reviews of your favorite anime? Join me as I talk about my time writing for the popular online anime blog AniTAY and discuss both my review process and some of the interesting experiences I’ve had, including some of the more unique reactions I’ve seen in the comments!


The panel is at 8 pm that Friday (March 11th) in Leatherwood 1. If you’re at Naka-kon, be sure to stop by! Some of us will also be walking around the convention wearing AniTAY swag, so if you see anyone you should totally call them out.

Last year’s coverage:

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