We return with another riveting update to the life-and-death battle that is the AniTAY Spring 2016 Fantasy League....that may or may not have been scheduled for last week, but was forgotten.

Now time for some Lists, because you can never have too many lists, right?

Top 10 Scores:

1) Re:Zero - 8.69
2) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable - 8.62
3) My Hero Academia - 8.33
4) Assassination Classroom Season 2 - 8.30
5) Magi: Adventure of Sinbad - 8.22
6) Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress - 8.17
7) Ushio & Tora Season 2 - 8.05
8) Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 - 7.94
9) Tanaka-kun is Always Listless - 7.83
10) Kiznaiver - 7.74

Bottom 10 Scores:

43) Nameko: World of Friends - 6.14
44) Big Order - 6.10
45) Seisen Cerberus - 5.95
46) Usakame - 5.73
47) Pan de Peace! - 5.59
48) Endride - 5.47
49) Wagamama High Spec - 5.42
50) Onigiri - 5.28
51) Ragnastrike Angels - 4.19
52) Crane game Girls - 4.10

As the season hits the time for the big reveals and high-tensions, Re:Zero steals the lead as it jumps from 3rd to 1st, helped by some unfortunate happenings in Kabaneri that dropped it from 2nd to 6th. My Hero Academia continues is steady rise as it gets ready to go beyond (plus ultra), and Assassination Classroom tries to sneak in for the kill, moving from 6th to 4th. Big Order is killed by an increased number of people who have started to realize that the hit expose movie “Supersize Me” was actually about ridiculous anime, and makes an appearance on the Bottom 10, surely to fall farther.


Times are always changing, and so are the MAL scores, so let’s have a look at how far things have come since the beginning of the season.

Biggest Gains:

1) Tanaka-kun is Always Listless: +.55 (7.28 to 7.83)
2) Re:Zero: +.36 (8.33 to 8.69)
3) My Hero Academia: +.35 (7.98 to 8.33)
4) Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou: +.29 (6.46 to 6.75)
5) Space Patrol Luluco: +.22 (7.01 to 7.23)


Biggest Losses:

1) Nameko: World of Friends: -1.86 (8.00 to 6.14)
2) Big Order: -1.44 (7.54 to 6.10)
3) Seisen Cerberus: -.68 (6.63 to 5.95)
4) Endride: -.65 (6.12 to 5.47)
5) Mayoiga: -.61 (7.02 to 6.41)

Tanaka-kun may be listless, but he sure knows a thing or two about growing (unlike Miyano) and My Hero Academia is going Plus (.35) Ultra as things heat up, hopefully leading to a sequel. Apparently there’s this show, I’m sure none of you have heard about, called Re:Zero that seems to be doing pretty well for itself. Meanwhile, Big Order has taken a fish gun to the face and has dropped a total of almost a point and a half, most likely to drop another point or so when the final ratings come around.


League 1


Stan firmly holds the lead, toting two picks in the 8-range, and the rest floating around 7 (with the exception of Mayoiga). This league has the greatest spread due to some unfortunate picks by Nan, but even disregarding that, the stratification is more severe than the other leagues with two places having a difference greater than 1 point (and a third at nearly a whole point). Some jostling in the middle ground has put Krakken in front of Dec, but he still has a ways to go if he is to break into the running for the win (maybe some of the underrated solid works of the season will boost him up once the final results come in - looking at you, Joker Game/Conrete/Flying Witch).

League 2


LOLOLPROTONISASCRUB. Sorry, ahem, had a little something in my throat there. Not only has MHA’s steady rise to glory helped me to put down the competition (along with solid support from Macross and Tonkatsu’s gains), but Proton’s prized jewel, Sakamoto, has been on the descent, and his other picks are obviously those of a rookie. Not only is he not winning, but Gugsy has edged him out for second place, putting him in the grey. The great divide between the top half of the league and the bottom half continues to grow, but I have faith that Proton can make the leap. In summary, all according to keikaku.

League 3


Rock continues to hold a deathgrip on first place - no surprises there - but Messy has made a great comeback from the beginning of the season, securing the second place position. Not much change otherwise, as this league embraces the phrase “go big or go home.”

Overall Comparison


Overall, League 3 continues to be the strongest, but Leagues 1 and 2 have grown closer as Stan and Kinksy’s scores have risen and Proton’s has fallen. Rock’s stranglehold on the overall top score and Nan’s unfortunate fate persist with no signs of changing any time soon, but you never know with the final scores coming soon. MAL is known to be fickle, and those who wait until the end of a show to rate will have a large impact on the scores.

The next post should be the roundup at the end of the season with the final scores, so in conclusion, Proton git rekt.