Ani-TAY Drop (Mar 22nd, 2015) - Weekly Roundup of All things Ani-TAY!

This is the Ani-TAY Drop, the weekly roundup of all things Ani-TAY! Rock's out for a bit, so I am stepping in this week to help out. It's been a very busy week for Ani-TAY, a lot of articles, reviews and stuff going on, so in case you missed any of it, Here's the last week of Ani-TAY


Naka kon 2015: Day 2/3

Daily Lives of High School Boys: The Ani-TAY Review

Steve Bowling brings us not 1 but 2 Comedy Reviews this Week!

Ani-Kei Meeting #7 - Domino Effect

Emergency Antidepressants

The Doctor is in! Raitzeno has found the perfect medication for everyone who has a case of Your-Lie-In-April Blues.

Rockmandash Reviews: Never 7: The End of Infinity [Visual Novel]

More VN reviews By the Rock himself! It just keeps going on and on and on and on and on...


OP/ED's A Day By Ani-TAY: Roundup - Week 11 (March 9th-16th)

This Is How You Do an Anime Convention


Storm finishes up his first convention as an official Ani-TAY Media correspondent! And apparently thinks his convention was amazing... or something.

Ani-TAY Blimp: All Kuuderes are actually Yanderes!!!

Cause knowing if half the battle!

Death Parade Discussion (TW and Spoiler Alert)

Trainime Reviews - Caboose Edition!

Barakamon Vol 1. - Manga Review


Chronicles of the Going Home Club: The Ani-TAY Review

An Ani-TAY Scholarly: Visual Novels - The Artistic Text

This happened because I figured out how to talk about a dating sim to my professor with a straight face.


Your Lie in April: The Ani-TAY Review

The first Winter Season Review is up! Ready the floodgates!

AniTAY PSA: Review Card Etiquette

A Message to the Ani-TAY Community

Speak up people... We want to hear from you!


The Flawed Women of Welcome to NHK

A Better Snacktastic joins us to talk about women in anime and the greatness that is flawed characters! Shocking Truth!


in the Latest Chapter Of... Cardfight!! Vanguard G

Darker than Black: Ascendant's Ani-TAY Review

One of our lurkers, Ascendant - Izanagi, comes out of the woodwork with a review off the bat! Good luck!


Anime FTW #1: Anime Affirms Life

Another wild Blog writer Appears!!! It's a Kaizival! Anime is Important, got that!



Here is the Teaser Video for the 3rd Season of Symphogear


New Trailer and Info about Saint Seiya Soul of Gold

The Captain Harlock CG Film will premier in March in USA.

Here is Sound!Euphonium Tv Ad

Your Lie In April - The Final Episode

Because Jonuiuc decided this show was so good it needed a PSA.

Here its another Teaser for the Chaos Dragon Anime

The New Dragon Ball Z Movie gets delayed in Latin América


The 10th Anniversary of Aquarion Sounds Deliciously Crazy

I never doubted it would be.

Kaori Miyazono - Aniplex Exclusive 1/8 PVC Figure

Cause no one has a big enough Figurine Collection

That's it for this week's Ani-TAY Drop! If I missed anything, just post it below. We'll be doing this every week from now on, so just post your article on Ani-TAY and it'll be here!


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