This is the AniTAY Drop, the weekly roundup of all things AniTAY! This week was a week of new stuff, but a return for some older stuff! Also, I've been busy all sunday, so sorry it's late... It's still the 8th as I post it though, so that counts for something... right?

I'm pretty happy with the articles this week. It may be low in volume, but it was pretty high in quality.

In the Latest Chapter Of... Cardfight!! Vanguard G (Ch. 14)

ShadowHaken continues his article series of Vanguard G.

Codename STEAM Impressions: My Time With TtT2 is Ruining My TRPG Skills


Thatsmapizza continues his march of TRPG talk, this time about an Intelligent Systems that isn't Fire Emblem, and regrettably, not Advanced Wars. *Note: This statement may or may not be biased.

My Manly List of Manly Men of 2014

mdubs makes another list, this time of manly men.

Grex's Gankutsuou Review (Video)

Grex does another video review, this time about Gankutsuou.Ani-TAY Reviews: eden* - They were only two, on the planet


Ani-TAY Reviews: eden* - They were only two, on the planet

A first for AniTAY, a multiperson review for a visual novel, with Dex and I doing a review for eden*.


Golgo 13: The TAY Manga Review

Hey! A Manga review that isn't by thatsmapizza, this time about Golgo 13. It's been the first one since I started up the drop.


Saekano Knows How to Make Itself Better

Protonstorm continues his impressions articles, this time with one of my favorites for this season, Saekano.


In the Latest Chapter Of... World War Blue (Part 5. Chptrs: 7,8)

ShadowHaken continues his stride of manga and animu, this time with World War Blue.


Did Kim Jong-un Just Show Up in Naruto?


Did he? Betteridge's Law of Headlines would tell you no, but you'll have to click to see.

Parasyte Continues to Impress

So, I heard you like impression articles! Protonstorm delivers with Parasyte.

POLL: What was the best OP/ED of January?

The OP/ED endevour continues, this time, with a poll of the best show of January. Lots of good ones there, and lots of Monogatari.


OP/ED's A Day By Ani-TAY: Roundup - Week 6 (Feb 1st-7th)

So, I heard you like OP/ED! Here's the first bit for February.

A Life Worth Watching: Why I Love The Slice of Life Genre

Krakken unleashes to the world his latest article, this time about the polarizing slice of life genre.


Ani-TAY Podcast Episode 10 : From Ani-TAY with Love


WE'RE BACK! Funny story about that...

The Worst/Best Extremes in Japanese Fiction I've Seen So Far: Part 2

Weekly Headtilt Tracker Blimp: Week 2


The Children´s Story about a Tyrannosaurus will get a Second film

The Cast of Saint Seiya Soul of Gold has been revealed!

Storm Warning


AniTAY Weather Report: Incoming Storm Warning! It's been a solid week on AniTAY, with small doses of review and news, but it's been relatively calm. That being said, off the coast of TAYland, we have spotted an incoming Protonstorm, so prepare yourselves! We may be flooded by articles, but that's a pretty negative outlook on things... so stay positive! We can get through this, it won't be too bad!

Here is the first promo of the God Eater Anime

The Mangas of Gaist Crusher and Majin Bone will end this April

There it will be a new Astro Boy Film


The Crunchyroll "Random" Button is Back!

It's BACKKKKKKKK!!!!!!! *Note: I got Infinite Stratos first :O

Ani-TAY Blimp: Muv-Luv Watch

This is the TV Spot for The Heroic Legend of Arslan Anime

New Eva Animator Expo Video

*Note: This is really impressive and you should watch this ASAP. Also, AniTAY posted it before Kotaku ^.^


That's it for this week's AniTAY Drop! If I missed anything, just post it below. We'll be doing this every week from now on, so just post your article on AniTAY and it'll be here!