This is the AniTAY Drop, the weekly roundup of all things AniTAY! Not that many articles this time, but tons of news! Also, I'll make up being late by being super early this week ^.^

Ani-Kei Meeting #5 - 1, 2, 3, Go!

Crunchyroll Retrospective Thoughts

Xagor pitches an idea about CR retrospectives. Let's hope this doesn't go in the way of AniDebates.


Genshiken: Second Generation: The Ani-TAY Review


Steve does another anime review, this time of the Otaku-heavy Genshiken. Check it out!

Rockmandash's Guide to Visual Novels on the Go

Hey! I'm back with more VN stuff! This time about VNs on the Go!

TAY Explores Comics: The Tenth Prism

Thatsmapizza does another manga article!

Impromptu Anime and Manga Shopping Spree

Koda buys stuff. On a whim.

Vandread: Exile's AniTAY Review



A review of the Terra Formars anime.

Moon iguana does a review of the Terra Formars anime that aired last season.

In the Latest Chapter Of... Saintia Sho (Chapter 19)

Shadowhaken continues his articles :)


The Manga of Big Hero 6 will end this March

I didn't even know this was a thing.

When an Innocent Idolm@ster´s Tea became the target for Pee Jokes

gg mates, gg.

This is the Cast for the Anime of Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai…

Seriously curious on how this show is going to be...

Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2015 "Anime of the Year" Nominees Announced


I'm currently frozen on my opinion with this.

The RPG made by Anime Luminaries will have an Anime

The J-Pop Drop Has Hit

Hello there, FuwaReviews!

FYI: Rockmandash Reviews is one of the extrernal blogs on the FuwaReviews :D

VN Blip: Fuwanovel Domain transfer + End of Support for Torrents


Goose house Live at Youtube Space Tokyo - Recap

The Girls of KanColle will be delivering Pizza


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