AniTAY Drop (Feb 15th, 2015) - Weekly Roundup of All things AniTAY!

This is the AniTAY Drop, the weekly roundup of all things AniTAY! Sory that it's late, I thought I published it but I didn't D:... Love is in the air, and it's been making me sick...


Ani-Kei Meeting #4 - Now on Air!


Late Night Drinks with Fruity

Fruity does a little article that talks about AniTAY.

Anime Music And Karaoke

Aestavalis does another one of his lists, this time, about Karaoke. BTW there are two ways of pronouncing it: the original japanese way, and the totally different western way....


Storyclub- On Seeing the 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful April Morning

Mdubs does a little article about a short story that I'm going to read after this is done.


Summer Wars (Manga) - Quick Review

I didn't know Summer Wars had a manga... but that doesn't stop people from reviewing it! mdub's does a quick review of summer wars!


January's Winning OP/ED: Kimi No Shiranai Monogatari


Congrats Jonuuic! Your OP/ED Monogatari song won!

Make Money Writing for Ani-TAY

Affiliate codes! I've been not successful with getting these affiliate codes working, but this is a way you can get money by writing for AniTAY.


Good Anime on NetFlix or Amazon Prime

Groupthink strikes again with a suggestions thread for animu.

Kairosoft Stole All My Free Time Again with Anime Studio Story

It really did. Such a good game :D

Anime Valentine's Recommendations


Xagor strikes back with a bunch of anime recommendations for Singles Awareness Day!

Poll: The Best Anime of Winter 2015

Richard does his once a season poll! This time though, it didn't get shared to maintaku directly so the results are quite a bit different than it would be.


Digibro's Guide To Visual Criticism in Anime

My Teenage Romantic Comedy SNAFU: Protonstorm's Ani-TAY Review

It wouldn't be valentine's day without a review of a Rom-Com, right? Storm Warning does a review of My Teenage Romantic Comedy SNAFU!


To My Girlfriend on Valentine's Day


The Otaku's Baka Guide to Avoid Unwanted Romantic/Sexual Tension


These always make me smile. The Krakken is once again unleashed with another hilarious Baka Guide!

OP/ED's A Day By Ani-TAY: Roundup - Week 7 (Feb 8th-14th)

In the Latest Chapter Of... Cardfight!! Vanguard G (Ch. 16)


The Children´s Story about a Tyrannosaurus will get a Second film

... words cannot describe what I just saw.

Autumn Leaf Orchestra Awesomeness ^.^

Wanna a Beer Goku?. I Have a Mug just for you

Hachi has finally reunited with Richard Geere...I mean Hidesaburo Ueno

GG mates.. GG.

The Current Arc of Otoko-Zaka will end and a new one will come

Ghibli´s Isao Takahata will attend to the Oscars

The Stan Lee´s Manga will reach it Climax

That's it for this week's AniTAY Drop! If I missed anything, just post it below. We'll be doing this every week from now on, so just post your article on AniTAY and it'll be here!

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