AniTAY Drop (Apr 5th, 2015) - Weekly Roundup of All things AniTAY!

This is the AniTAY Drop, the weekly roundup of all things AniTAY! Too many articles... From reviews to April fools.... TOO MANY ARTICLES!!! THIS IS NOT JUST ANY DROP, THIS IS THE MEGADROP!!!!!


Saekano - How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend: The Ani-TAY Review

The Storm Starts with Protonstorm's Saekano review which has dat mesmerizing gif.

Koufuku Graffiti: The Ani-TAY Review

EndlessFalconPunches back at us with a review of Koufuku Graffiti, better known as Food Porn: Part 1.



My Magus Opus.

In The Latest Chapter Of... Cardfight!! Vanguard G (Ch 22)

How I Got Into My Little Otaku Pandering

HydraCord writes up why he's even on this site! You're welcome :)

SUPER! BitCon 2015 Wrap-up & Pics

More super than your con. Koda goes to a gaming con!

Shirobako: The Ani-TAY Review



My review of Shirobako!

World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman - The Ani-TAY Review

Krakken Unleashes his first review for AniTAY that it breaks the world... in a generic harem called World Break!


Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The WyvernZero Ani-TAY Review

Yeah, proton, you really should have made that post outside of review season. WyvernZero makes a review on Madoka Magika!



The review marathon continues, with KanColle! By marathon, I really mean it...

Thoughts From Outside: Historical Revisionism in KanColle

Along with the review, Exile also wrote a piece on historical revision in KanColle. Interesting read :)


The Rain Will Come: How an Anime Changed My Life

Tenshigami gets his first taste of being mainpoi'd with an article about how anime changed his life. :)


Comics that should go Anime: Issue #1: "NEXTWAVE" (Marvel Comics)

Parasyte -the maxim-: The Ani-TAY Review


Koda reviews a the wonderful adaptation of Parasyte by madhouse.!

Tokyo Ghoul √A: The Ani-TAY Review

Koda puts up another (not the show another...) review, this time about Tokyo Ghoul We Hate Keyboards Root A!


Yurikuma Arashi: The Ani-TAY Review

Lesbian Bears. It's deeper than you think.

Anime Reminiscence, Childhood Memories, Fake Endings And More

Aestevalis is back ^.^

-Yuna Ito- Artists You Should Know!

You have too much time on your hands, Izanagi.

OP/ED's A Day By Ani-TAY: Roundup - Week 13 (March 25th - 31st)

Lots of good stuff here, but I gotta go for my uninstall even though it's not going to win. Sorry Hanayamata...


EMS #2

Highschool DxD: Character Reviews, or The Lofty Dreams of Men

Rockmandash's Top 5 Anime of Winter 2015


Rockmandash's Guide to Visual Novels on the Go Video!

Looking for Collab Writers!

Fun With Nautical Musics

OP timings are pretty similar when you think about it, right?

The Red-Tailed Hawk is Ani-TAY's New Official Raptor

Because Fuck you, New Hampshire state legislature.

Kamisama Kiss: The Ani-TAY Review & Kamisama Kiss◎: The Ani-TAY Review

Aestevalis returns with a review of Kamisama Kiss S1 &2! I should watch this.

Trainime New Season Impressions - Preseason!

Maria The Virgin Witch: The Ani-TAY Review


Krakken Unleashes yet another review! (this will never get old.)

The 2015 Ani-TAY Survey


Magic Kaito 1412: The Ani-TAY Review

My review of Magic Kaito :)

Welcome to Ani-TAY, A Reader-Run Community


My Top _____ So Far #1, -Kana Nishino- Artists You Should Know! &Song of the Sea: Why You Should Watch It


You thought you'd piss me off by content dropping, right? HA! TO BAD FOR YOU, I'M GIVING THEM ONLY ONE SLOT! Try to spread it out next time :P. Izanagi does some posts.

RAM: Random Anime Moment #1: Kore wa Zombi Desu ka? Of the Dead.

Striker Ryoken starts his RAM series!

The Ani-TAY Review: A Community PSA

moar PSA for you!


Before starting this off, I'd like to show off Dex's attempt for April Fools that he couldn't do:

Ani-TAY and Affiliated Sites Acquired By Disney Interactive

Written by AniTAYLegal

The site's banner and the icon would have changed to these, and the joke is for those that don't know is that Dex got hired by Disney, so they would take the next step XD


I just want to comment that I think storm went too meta on this... also.. it's a lie... in april...


Announcing Nisekoimonogotari?!

I wish this was a thing....

OP/ED A Day #91 : Everything Ever.

I know I said I wouldn't post OP/ED A Days, but this one.. this was great.

Tsukihime Anime by Ufotable Announced, VN Remake Comes Out This Year

I had to do it.

World Order Has Collapsed: Praise Our New Leader




Rockmandash Pursues a New Passion



Ani-TAY Author mdubs Missing

Ani-TAY AMA: What's It Like to be a Yandere?

Yanderestorm takes to the stage.

The Ani-TAY Interview: A New World Order


Ani-TAY AMA - Part 2 - A Krakken Good Time!

Hey, why not?

The Wind Rises: The 2015 Ani-TAY Review


Because Everyone needs 4 TWR reviews!

The Best Review is now out. We can all give up.

The Dexomega Media Round-up

FruityDrinks Makes It Big Time

Cheesecake for All! Or why Fanservice's real issue is lack of diversity


My Spring 2015 Hype Show: Dexomega Days


White Album 2 (VN): The Ani-TAY Review


;-; I had my hopes that this was real...

AniTAY, I Present to You Tatsuyism

And I thought we were done and over with this...

AniTay- The Anime-geddon Report

MaelwysSC113, you have done a great act here.


Kaizival's OST a Day #1: Credens justitiam (Mami's Theme)

Kai starts OST a day... not sure if this is going anywhere....

Nendoroid Celty Up For Preorder



Storm Warning - April Fools' Edition

the article that would display my misery as I make this drop....

Noragami will get a Second Season


Ghost in the Shell Online Uploading to NA First

Saint Seiya Soul of Gold will come to Latin América!

This is a Message from the Producer of SMT X Fire Emblem

Here its the Subbed Trailer of Dai Gyakuten Saiban


That's it for this week's AniTAY Drop! If I missed anything, just post it below. We'll be doing this every week from now on, so just post your article on AniTAY and it'll be here!

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