I've been mulling this over for awhile now and have finally decided to write out my feeling on the topic at hand: Do you watch an anime adaption to a manga you're already reading and vice versa?

I honestly can't see the point in doing so unless you really want to support the creator. Some of the shows I haven't been particularly interested in this season are Akame Ga Kill! and Tokyo ESP because I'm so far ahead in terms of the story that it'd feel like a waste to start from square one. (Though, I have been hearing that they made changes to Tokyo ESP that keep it from feeling like a carbon copy of the manga and that it's a must-watch this season.) Also, I like to think that most manga are good on their own and don't even need adaptions and that you get much more of the artists intention and feelings of the characters from a manga that you would the adaption.


I've seen many anime fail to give me the type of emotions I would get when I read it instead. So when I see that a sub-par anime adaption has been made to a pretty good manga, you could bet your bottom dollar that will seek it out and read all of it. A good example of this would be Air Gear which I did a review of here.


The manga was good. Some would go so far as to call it great. I actually saw it as an anime first...I was so disappointed. It had such a good premise, but fell short in places that would've made it great. A couple of months later I began to read the manga and never looked back.

But I guess I'm pretty biased.

Your thoughts?

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