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I asked them, they answered.

Maelwys: Yukino

Jonuiuc: I think I always prefer the ones that are trying the hardest, or the bravest. The suffer silently ones I get frustrated with. I root for the Senjougara (Monogatari series)- committed but crazy types, with the Charlotte from Infinite Stratos - super duper nice types. Though the hilariously pervy/disturbed Rika types are cool too.


Gugsy: Senjougahara would be really high on my list of best girls

Morie: I have two types: looks like a Yamato Nadeshiko and is cold but very sassy...and very smol and smart and sassy, so Togame (Katanagatari) and Holo (Spice & Wolf) are probably my all time best girls ever in the history of everything.


Maelwys: Yukino

Gugsy: Togame, I hadn’t considered that...but she would be too

Jon: Ah Holo, she fits into the teasing, but super reliable type. I approve.

Dexomega: Holo is certainly best girl, since she’ll just persuade you that it’s true.


Koda: Holo is best girl because she’s pretty damn smart, smart enough to outwit even Lawrence in economic gambits sometimes, and he’s like the Xanatos of economics. She also is a pagan god trying to exist in an ever increasing Christian world, which is a very interesting dynamic to see.

Messiah: Holo 4lyfe ~It’s ironic that a wolf girl is more real than human girls in anime.


Maelwys: Yukino

Krakken_Unleashed: Fujioka Haruhi (Ouran High School Host Club)- ( i hate doing this). Ema Guzman (Garo) and Saber were other potentials on my list.


Exile: That’s a pretty fucking difficult question to answer for me. I still come back to wanting to spend time with Haruko Kashiwagi (Muv-Luv series) though. Sen from Ben-To is another choice.

Matt: *self-promotes*


Morie: [fiance’s name redacted] is in disbelief I just rated someone higher than Kuroneko.

Nanttene: I’m guessing it’s because she has bad taste in men?

Maelwys: Yukino

Kinksy: Best girl is Yuno Gasai (Mirai Nikki). But seriously my best girl Mikoto Misaka (RailDex series).


Rockmandash: Usami Haru (G-Senjou no Maou)

Raitzeno: I think i might have to go with Ionasal (Ar Nosurge)

Nanttene: I have to give a lot of thought to my backlog, but: Rakka (Haibane Renmei), Juri (Utena), and Shizuku(Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun) come to mind.



Exile: Aw, Nan get’s three? I want Tifa added to mine then : P

Raitzeno: Well, if two is the standard, I am adding Signum from Nanoha.

Exile: I’m kidding, two is fine.

Morie: Too late, it’s in!

Raitzeno: You know what? third is Ruri from Nisekoi.

Morie: best girls tend to be named Ruri

Rockmandash: More than one? Kurisu from Steins;Gate, Rin from Fate/Stay Night

Krakken_Unleashed: Forgot Riza Hawkeye!

Morie: *casts an absentee ballot for Nomadic Dec for Kurisu*

Maelwys: Yukino

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