If you could have one ability or power from an anime, what would you choose? I asked, they answered ~

Exile: First thing that’s coming to mind is Plot Armour

Koda Kazar: Drills. Giant heaven piercing drills.

Exile: But that relies on me being a main character

Morie: Is that like a mech drill or hair drills?

Koda: Mech drill

Koda Kazar: The problem was I had a hard time thinking of a cool, unique power because so many of the powers are done over and over and sometimes look cool and sometimes look lame. :|

Krakken_Unleashed: is saying FMA alchemy too vague?

Morie: ....yes

Koda Kazar: Yes

Krakken_Unleashed: just saying that’s the most useful and viable “magic” system i know :P


Morie B: But as an alchemist, what would your specialty be?

Koda Kazar: Which alchemy

Morie: what would your nickname be??

Koda Kazar: Krakken the Tentacle Alchemist

Gugsy: I’m going to assume that the Medaka Box ability to learn and completely master other people’s abilities is cheating?


Koda: Hell yeah it is

Stranger: What about ZA WARUDO

Koda: Wait I change my mind! I want my power to be the ability to draw tanukis everywhere!


Shade: I’d like to have Saki’s gravity powers from Shinsekai Yori.

Morie: I choose...the power of friendship

Exile: Hmm, that’s a good one. I’ll choose Nanoha’s ability to Befriend people

Gugsy: I don’t want Geass. That could end very poorly. There’s a girl in Yozakura Quartet who can conjure up anything by saying a word


Raitzeno: see, i have known my answer to “what power do you want” for a long time

Krakken_Unleashed: alucards power would be way too op, and i don’t want to murder

Raitzeno: ...and it’s probably not what you would think `_`

Raitzeno: The power I want is...while i sing an anime theme or insert song, i can use the abilities of the characters in it


Morie: Creative

Raitz: (vocal tunes from video games should also count) so things like Hymmnos spells or the Symphogear relic songs would be extra good for this `_` But that would also allow me to do all sorts of stupid shit like nuke you from orbit with the Irregular second opening...punch the entire city into next week in one shot with the OPM opening

Krakken: and run forever by singing 90s anime openings in succession

Unimplied: Morie I would take hamon simply because it would make me not age and as an added bonus: vampire slaying. HOWEVER, I would also have the power to TAKE A POTATO CHIP... AND EAT IT


Krakken: I’m deciding weather or not to take iron alchemy as the harpoon alchemist, or zapp/ Zeds blood technique (Kekkai Sensen)


Krakken: Actually no, scratch that mach 20 flying and tentacles; do all my work at mach 20, chill the rest of the time


Gugsy: I mean, there’s also infinite harem building power sitting on the table too if anyone wants it :P

Krakken: hell no, too much work.