In the spirit of sharing unused pitches on Gawker Media, I’m going to just throw my “creative process” or whatever at you. When I want to write an article, my brain goes very fast and hard on it but I tend to lose steam and get shy. But they still weigh on me. So instead of having that stuff linger in the drafts folder, I’m pouring one out for the articles that will (probably) never see the light.

You Can Smile Again: Lessons from getting the Hell Off the Seasonal Anime Carousel and Exclusively Watching Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter 2011 was a life-changing experience and I want to be stuck in an infinite loop of always re-watching it. I watched it after keeping up with seasonal anime viewing and writing, among other things, just caused a huge stress attack and this post was going to be very feelsy about all the valuable things THE JOURNEY taught me.

Likelihood of publishing: low - very important, but not on a macro level - too personal.


Belladonna, Ugly Realities

I saw Kanashimi no Belladonna and it was beautiful and historically important but kind of frustrating. It almost nailed a lot of things about the struggle of being a woman, both in the medieval period it took place in and in general, but being a 70s “pink” film it was still really male gazey. So this was the “hey close but no cigar on your feminism” article.

Likelihood of publishing: Medium - the film is already decades old so it’s not like I’m missing the boat here.


Working title: REBELLION IS GOOD

I rewatched Rebellion and had a lot of feelings. Other people have a lot of negative feelings, so at this particular moment my ADHD brain was really into writing a raw and moving (?) post about why the themes are gud even if the narrative is problematic. I was going to tie Erich Fromm and The Fall into this?


Likelihood of publishing: Low intermediate - it would be difficult to tap back into the exact fever dream of synaptic connections that inspired this post.

Gaze at Me: Morie and Unimplied Stop Everything and Discuss Fujiko Mine

Pitch: a straight man (the patriarchy) and a lady (victim of the patriarchy, and also me) unpack our societal baggage and dialogue on how this subversive and really damn good anime resonated with us.


Likelihood of publishing: High - we should write this, Tim. This will be so good.

The AniTAY Aoi Bungaku collab extravaganza

Pitch: a group of authors all watch Aoi Bungaku, and each author reads the source material for a specific arc. Then we write a nice collab about our experiences with the books and the anime and what we got out of each. Downsides: hard to coordinate. We’re anime fans and can’t read.


Likelihood of publishing: Medium - it’s in our hands, guys.

Lupin III: Part IV - the AniTAY Review

This is another collab with Tim, which includes some of his finest work. The actual writing for this happened in the spring 2016 stress attack, though. Maybe I’ll write it when it’s cold and again and I’m dreaming of Italiano.


Likelihood of publishing: Medium - we’re still pretty passionate about the subject, but it may need to be restructured.

Japan...has changed

The rest of the Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju recaps

This was a prime casualty of the stress attack. It’s too bad, because I really was digging doing this. I still just randomly think about this show throughout the day.


Likelihood of publishing: Low - the relevancy has 100% sailed, but maybe I’ll try again in season 2 - that means stay off my turf, Taykobon anime dudes >.>

The last post in my Hakuouki: Memories of the Shinsengumi “otome novice” thing.

IDK I graduated from college and got lost.

Likelihood of publishing:- but this picture deserves to be seen.


The great “idol anime as a celebration of raw female ambition” post.

The idol industry is problematic, but AKB0048, 765 Pro, Sheryl Nome - these stories give female aggressiveness and competitiveness a positive treatment that is rarely seen in this 3d world we live in.

Likelihood of publishing: Medium-high - I mean this is never not relevant. Barkspawn should write this with me.


A long-form post about Evangelion.

No. Never gonna happen.