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AniTAY 2016 MAL Challenge: Monthly Update Jan-Feb

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Aha! So you thought Kinksy would give you the MAL Challenge update! But no, ever since that dastardly ThatsmaPizza stole the AniTAY Drop from right under my nose, I’ve felt something missing from my life. A mature person would forgive and forget and move on. I however have continued the cycle of stealing mwahahaha. Can you see me now Pizza? You wanna play rough? Okay, SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE......



Ahem. Sorry about that. Salt got out of the saltshaker there. Anyway to refresh, The MAL Challenge is to finish a certain number of series by the end of the year. You can do Easy/Medium/Hard for 20/35/50 categories that are available, one show counts for each category. While there is a challenge for all of MAL, we felt it would be more fun and intimate if we had our own little group doing it. Easier to see who’s watching what etc. Here’s Kinksy’s initial post:


There’s still time if you would like to participate, although a month has already passed. The numbers below count only completed anime and no watching or plan to watch. Anyway, let’s get to the 1st monthly update!

List of people currently taking the Challenge:

Gugsy: Hard Mode | Gugsy’s List | Current Progress 15/50 (Contemplating moving up to Animasochist Mode...)


Dexomega: Hard Mode | Dexomega’s List | Current Progress 2/50

Kinksy: Hard Mode | Kinksy’s List | Current Progress: 2/50

Messiah: Hard Mode | Messy’s List | Current Progress 0/50 (For Shame)

Stanlick: Animasochist Mode | Stanlick’s Abomination List| Current Progress: 10/130 (Still on pace kind of, very admirable)


MaelwysSC113: Hard Mode | Maelwys’ List | Current Progress 7/50

EvenSteven02: Hard Mode | EvenSteven’s List | Current Progress 12/50 (Plus 3/8 Bonus entries he insists. The nerve...)


Shade: Hard Mode | Shade’s List | Current Progress 4/50

Kikoku: Hard Mode | Kikoku’s List | Current Progress 0/50 (Though 1 bonus entry done. If you’re reading Kikoku please get into contact with me or Kinksy)


Thatsmapizza: Hard Mode | Pizza’s List | Current Progress 0/50 (For Shameeeeeeee. The schadenfreude is delicious)

Rockmandash12: Hard Mode | Rock’s List | Current Progress 3/50

Koda89: Hard Mode (High Roller) | Koda’s List | Current Progress 0/50 (Tsk, tsk. Looks like the Crunchyroll Random button is failing ya bubs)


Matt: Wimp Mode | Matt’s List | Current Progress 0/8 (Just the lowest of low expectations here. We’re all going for the championship, and here’s ol’ Matt slacking off in the Division III of Anime)

If you’re interested in joining a month late, I made our own forum post so we can compile lists on a single thread and Here it is.


You don’t want to participate? You just want to point and laugh at people? Be my guest. That’s why we have a comment section so the slackers get pressured. Ain’t no pressure like peer pressure amirite?

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