AniTAY 2016 MAL Challenge: Monthly Update April

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With the winter anime season over and done with we have I have come to take back my MAL challenge from Gugsy. The MAL Challenge is to finish a certain number of series by the end of the year. You can do Easy/Medium/Hard for 20/35/50 categories that are available, one show counts for each category. For more details see my original post:


Now with a quarter of the year over people are (Mostly) making steady progress, here is the update!

List of people currently taking the Challenge:

Gugsy: Hard Animasochist Mode | Gugsy’s List | Current Progress 48/130

Dexomega: Hard Mode | Dexomega’s List | Current Progress 9/50

Kinksy: Hard Mode | Kinksy’s List | Current Progress: 15/50

Messiah: Hard Mode | Messy’s List | Current Progress 0/50

Stanlick: Animasochist Mode | Stanlick’s Abomination List| Current Progress: 40/130


MaelwysSC113: Hard Mode | Maelwys’ List | Current Progress 13/50

EvenSteven02: Hard Mode | EvenSteven’s List | Current Progress 14/50

Shade: Hard Mode | Shade’s List | Current Progress 21/50

Kikoku: Hard Mode | Kikoku’s List | Current Progress 18/50

Thatsmapizza: Hard Mode | Pizza’s List | Current Progress 7/50

Rockmandash12: Hard Mode | Rock’s List | Current Progress 21/50

Matt: Casual Mode | Matt’s List | Current Progress 2/8

Madiemouse98: Hard Mode | Madie’s List | Current Progress 14/50

Koda89: Hard Mode (High Roller) | Koda’s List | Current Progress 0/50

As 3 months has passed to be on target anyone doing the hard mode challenge should be on around 12-13 shows, 8-9 for medium and 5 shows for easy mode.


Gugsy has moved up to Animasochist difficulty and is currently leading with 48 entries (Almost ready to have have completed the regular challenge) with Stanlick following closely behind on 40 series watched so far.

However Messiah has yet to move off the starting line with 0 Progress and Koda has become the first casualty of the challenge and has decided to drop out from the challenge. However, Matt is progressing well on his special casual mode having completed 25% of his goal for the year.


Finally between the last date and now we have Madiemouse98 Who joined in mid February. Remember it’s not too late to join in with the fun and if you’re interested in joining in with the challenge Gugsy has made a forum post so we can compile lists on a single thread and Here it is.

If you do join in make sure to Message me on MAL or comment below to let me and the rest of AniTAY you’re getting involved. And if you don’t want to join? Feel free to reply below anyway!

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