Welcome to AniStats, AniTAY’s home for all things numbers. Since the beginning of July 2015 I have been keeping track of the articles and authors on both AniTAY and her sister site TAY. This will be my third full report, you can find my past ones here.

Each of these reports will be broken up into three sections: Articles, Authors and Viewers. As I am continuing to refine my method there will be some inconsistencies in labeling from month to month.


There were a total of 195 articles posted to AniTAY in the month of September, 1 more than in August.


  • 17 articles were shared from personal Kinja blogs, 7 more than August.
  • 25 articles were shared from TAY, 9 fewer than August.
  • 1 article was shared from other Kinja community blogs, 1 more than August.
  • 0 articles were shared from one of the main Kinja blogs or one of their immediate subblogs, 1 fewer than August
  • 1 article was shared from a social media site, 1 more than August
  • 150 articles were AniTAY originals, 1 more than August.

44 Articles were shared to TAY, 8.4% of all articles on TAY, and of them 36 articles were shared in the Kotaku Daily Round-up. Those 36 were 21% of the total 169 articles in the Round-up.


  • The day with the most articles was the 30th with 10.
  • The days with the most AniTAY original articles were the 28th and 30th with 8 each.
  • The days with the fewest articles were the 9th and 13th with 3 each.
  • The days with the fewest AniTAY original articles were the 9th and 15th with 2 each.


Break-down of article types:

  • 24 articles were blimps*.
  • 32 articles were forums**.
  • 6 articles were guides.
  • 22 articles were about music. (19 OP/EDs, we missed 11 days in September)
  • 35 articles were news.
  • 19 articles were opinion pieces.
  • 8 articles were re-caps.
  • 37 articles were reviews. (16 anime, 3 comparisons, 6 light novels, 9 manga, 1 video game, 2 visual novels)
  • 12 articles fell under other categories. (podcasts, reports, round-ups, etc.)

*I defined blimps as any article that contained blimp/blip in the name, did not have a title or were about internal AniTAY news.


**Forums include the Sunday Café, Open Forum and any question focused articles such as polls.

I used this spreadsheet to keep track of articles and authors. I am still refining my methodology, so feel free to ask any questions about how it all works.


46 authors contributed to AniTAY this month the same as August. 13 of those authors were guests*, 1 more than August. 32 of the 38 people with AniTAY authorship posted in the month of September or 84% of the total.


The authors who posted the most were:

  • ShadowHaken with 43 (1 Forum, 28 News, 4 Opinion, 8 Re-cap, 2 Other)
  • Kristof with 14 (1 Blimps, 5 Forum, 1 Guide, 3 Music, 2 Reports, 2 Reviews)
  • Michael Burns - Protonstorm with 14 (3 Forum, 2 Music, 1 Opinion, 2 Podcasts, 6 Reviews)
  • Kevin Mai - RockmanDash12 with 12 (7 Blimps, 1 Music, 2 Opinion, 2 Reviews)

The authors that posted the most of each type of article:

  • Blimps - Kevin Mai - RockmanDash12 with 7.
  • Forums - Kristof and SupremeEvan both with 5.
  • Music - Kristof and MementoMorie both with 3.
  • News - ShadowHaken with 28.
  • Opinion - ShadowHaken with 4.
  • Podcasts - Michael Burns - Protonstorm with 2.
  • Re-caps - ShadowHaken with 8
  • Reports - Kristof with 2.
  • Reviews - Matt with 7.

Authors that gained AniTAY authorship in the month of September:

  • Gugsy

I did not catch any other new authors this month, so if I missed you or you know of someone that was added to the AniTAY author list in September please leave a comment and I will add them.


*Guest are any authors that had an article shared to AniTAY and do not have authorship.


This following information was gathered from this site. If you are a numbers guy like me you will probably have a lot of fun poking around at all the different information they have on all of the kinja.com subdomains.


  • From September 1st to September 30th, AniTAY was the 10th most visited* of the kinja.com subdomains accounting for 3.1% of all traffic.
  • Global Numbers: 121,870 people visited the site 225,145 times for a total of 349,829 page views. Increases of 76%, 55% and 46% respectively over August.
  • US Numbers: 66,688 people visited the site 128,590 time for a total of 200,410 page views, the percentages are 55%, 57% and 57% respectively.
  • Top Countries other than the US by number of viewers: Canada - 8,461; Philippines - 4,164; UK - 3,979; Australia - 2,555
  • Top States by number of Uniques (Cookies): California - 15,054; New York - 6,453; Texas - 6,230; Florida - 4,322; Illinois - 3,202; Washington - 2,873.
  • Top Cities by number of Uniques: Singapore - 3,708; Makati (Philippines) - 1,780; Toronto - 1,738; New York City - 1,719; Los Angeles - 1,477; My hometown of Seattle was 20th with 844


September 1st to September 30th Numbers (Global):

  • Busiest** Day: September 11th had 47,084 people make 51,743 visits for 65,307 page views.
  • Least Busy Day: September 9th had 2,466 people make 3,329 visits for 5,285 page views.


*By number of visitors

**By total page views.


The above graph shows total number of AniTAY page views by day during the month of September.


  • Addicts, those that visit TAY more than 30 times a month, are less than 1% of viewers and provide 10% of traffic.
  • Regulars, those that visit TAY more than once a month, but fewer than 31 times, are 25% of viewers and provide 49% of traffic.
  • Passers-by, those that visit only once per month, are 75% of viewers and provide 41% of traffic.


Top 5 Sites Visited by TAY Viewers During August:

  • gawker-labs.com
  • animenewsnetwork.com
  • destructoid.com
  • bato.to
  • viddler.com

Q3 Numbers:

  • There were a total of 577 articles posted to AniTAY in Q3, at a rate of approximately 6.3 articles per day.
  • 459 of those articles were AniTAY originals, just shy of 80%, with a rate of 5 per day.
  • 108 articles were reviews, an average of more than 1 per day.
  • 119 AniTAY original articles were shared in the Kotaku round-up that were first posted in Q3.
  • There were approximately 884,136 AniTAY page views in Q3, an average of 9,610 per day.


The above graph shows total number of AniTAY page views by day during the months of July to September.

Well, that is everything that I felt like sharing for this month. If there is anything specific you would like me to keep track of in the future please leave a comment, other than that, see you in November.


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