Anime Swag Post? Anime Swag Post (12 Days of AniTAY)

So, I’m on the road again today, so gonna keep it simple for today’s 12 Days of AniTAY. Today is about the various anime collectibles swag I’ve picked up. Feel free in the comments below to share your own images, your own experiences, etc..

Where do you get your anime stuff?

Personally, I get my stuff from multiple sources, but primarily I get it from Amazon, and my ‘local’ store (if an hour and a half away is local), Hammergirl Anime, in Rochester, NY. I’ve also gotten stuff from other vendors at anime conventions. Much as I like to support local businesses, there are days when it’s just more convenient, and frankly cheaper, to go online. On the other hand, I’ve also definitely wound up with some obviously counterfeit stuff off of Amazon (when the wall scroll you’ve ordered has the plastic ends on the ‘wrong’ sides, you either got one hell of a screwup, or a cheap counterfeit. I suspect the latter).


What do you collect?

Well, it depends. Early on, I mostly picked up a few wallscrolls (including the counterfeits mentioned above), including a big SAO one that’s still in the main hallway of my apartment. (This latter was purchased from Hammergirl, at least.)

Much more recently, I’ve been occasionally getting figures, some in the roughly 8-9" range, some Nenderoids, and some smaller figures as well.


That’s a horrible picture above, but Ritsu and Mio as Juliet and Romeo in the school play, and then Santa Alter, were my TAY Secret Santa presents from the last couple years. (You guys rock, seriously.) In front of them, I’ve got some of the FGO Duel figures.


Here I have my first couple Nenderoids, Inami and Yamada from Working!!. I totally had to put Inami with the claw gripper on, and Yamada upside down. (Also, ignore that FFXIII Hope behind them.)


Here is my latest Nenderoid, the adorable Platelet-chan from Cells at Work! While the first two Nenderoids I got from Amazon, I bought Platelet from Hammergirl on a trip out there last month.

I collect some small plushes on occasion, although that’s been a bit more of my son’s thing, with Pokemon, and SAO figures. I personally happen to just have a useless goddess:


Enough about those. What about the Nesos?

Yeah, okay. I’ve collected a few Nesoberis. There’s currently a half dozen of them in my apartment, five of mine, and one belonging to my 7 year old. I have Rem and Ram, Emiya’s Kitchen Saber, and Tohsaka Rin (maybe Fate/Extra?), as can be seen in the header image. (For those curious, my son got Kyouko from Madoka.) For this Christmas, my wife got me Saber Nero:


Okay. Anything else you’ve got?

Well, I undoubtedly have a few knicknacks I’m forgetting, a few Funko Pops, and a bunch of tshirts (and not counting the various blu-rays of shows), but at this year’s anime convention, I got a couple signed items.


Hard to see, but the big one is a Space Dandy image, signed by Ian Sinclair, the English VA. Above that is a (pre-)signed image of singer Eri Sasake, who as I mentioned, I got to hear in concert.


So, how do you display your stuff?

Well, as I mentioned, the big SAO wallscroll is, well, up on the wall. (The counterfeits are currently not, although maybe they will someday when we get a place with more room.) Most of the rest of the stuff is currently on a bookcase in my living room (along with a bunch of other stuff to be shown off):


So, what do you all have in your collections? What’s your favorite? What’s you favorite place to get it from?

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