Anime Quick Hits, Part 3 (A 12 Days of AniTAY 2019 Post)

I’m on the road today (well, I will be when this is published), so it’s time for another round of Anime Quick Hits!

Oh god, you’re back doing this again, are you?


It’s because it’s only Day 2, and you’re already out of ideas, isn’t it?

Honest, nope! I’ve got several, I just don’t have the time right this moment to dedicate to them. I need a few more days.


Sure, ok, whatever. So, what’s up first?


Fine. Here’s a little help. What was your favorite anime moment of the year?

Oh, easy. I got to see Eri Sasaki sing “Fuyu Biyori” in concert at a convention.

Sorry for the crap quality, cell phone from multiple rows back.
Photo: Self

Nice. You got anime swag, I assume.

Definitely, but that’s a topic for another post.

K. How about your favorite anime of the year?

Oh, god, I hate picking favorites, but uh, I’ll give it a shot. Probably Bokuben (both seasons). Either that or Kaguya-sama.


Best anime of the year?

Eh, I may have to go with a front runner and say Fruits Basket.

Biggest disappointment?

Mmm, probably Magical Girl Spec Ops Asuka. The ideas they wanted to set up seemed like a cool exploration to go with, but they really just fell down so hard. Honorable mention goes to Shoumetsu Toshi, which, not even HanaKana and Sugita Tomokazu could save, but I didn’t expect as much there.


New favorite anime “sound” effect?

Jiiiiiiiiiiiii... (Staaaaaaaaaare...)

Favorite side character(s)?

Again with the ‘favorite’ thing, but for right now I’m gonna go with the twins from Bokuben.

Obviously children of culture

Better Fate this year: El-Melloi II, or Babylonia?

Definitely Babylonia. Much as I like Waver, El-Melloi II was way too far up its own *** in the pretentious, magical lore BS. Just kinda started tuning it out after a while. Plus Babylonia will have Eresh, so...


How about another anime screencap that shows how you feel right now on this, your last work day of the year?


Are you going to do another of these this year?

I wouldn’t count it out.



Right, but here’s an idea: People can submit questions here in the comments, and if I can get say at least a dozen, I’ll see about making one of my later posts answering them for my next “Quick Hits”.

A reminder: This is part of my 12 Days of AniTAY 2019. I hope you’ll keep reading, and maybe even write your own.

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