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Anime Music And Karaoke

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Songs are a pretty important part of the Anime experience. Even if we don't like some shows we may enjoy those vocal pieces in it and after watching the same song more than 10 times you can't help but to unconsciously sing along to some of them.


There is one instance in particular I remember pretty vividly, when I really felt how people is attached to certain Anime songs. As you may know Dragon Ball is incredibly popular where I live (Mexico), so the movies that came out while the show was airing were projected in almost every movie theater in the country. My older sister took me to one of them to watch the movie. The large room was packed with little children around 10 or 12 years old. Then after all the ads and previews from other movies the first Dragon Ball Z opening song (Chala-Head-Chala) starts to play and all the kids (including me) went nuts. Almost every single person starts to sing along. It was the most beautiful and at the same time the weirdest thing ever. I mean people singing loudly at a place where you're supposed to be quiet. Even the staff barged into the room to check what the hell was going on.

These songs are attached to our memories as fans of the medium. They invoke feelings of joy, sadness, yearning and every feeling we can imagine. Vocal tracks in particular have this ability to leave a large impression on us. It's not uncommon for Anime fans to have their playlist pack full of Anime songs and nowadays or part of our daily entertainment . That of course includes Karaoke, which is what bring us here today.

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Karaoke is a form of interactive entertainment in which people sing along with recorded music using a microphone. The music is typically a song minus the lead vocal. Lyrics are usually displayed on a video screen, along with a moving symbol, changing color, or music video images, to guide the singer. In the West Karaoke places are normally large spaces where someone would take the only stage and sing in front of all the people attending, including strangers. Meanwhile in Japan the most common format of Karaoke are this closed rooms where you will sing either only in front of your friend or even by yourself (practice makes master) a format you may be familiar because it's depicted often in Anime


Charapedia polled 10,000 of it's users to see what are the songs they like to sing most while going to Karaoke and these are the results:

Rank Song Artist Series
30 Chala-Head-Chala Hironoby Kageyama Dragon Ball Z
29 Sorairo Days Shoko Nakagawa Gurren Lagann
28 We Are! Hiroshi Kitadani One Piece
27 This Game Konomi Suzuki No Game, No Life
26 My Soul, Your Beats LiA Angel Beats!
25 Northern Cross May'n Macross Frontier
24 Kasabuta Hidenori Chiwata Zatch Bell/ Konjiki no Gasshu!!
23 Tamashii no Refrain Yoko Takahashi Neon Genesis Evangelion
22 Ai Wo Torimodose Crystal King Fist of the North Star
21 Daze Jin feat. MARiA from GARNiDELiA Mekaku City Actors
20 Maji Love 2000% St☆rish UtaPri
19 Crossing Field LiSA Sword Art Online
18 Tougenkyou Alien serial TV drama Gintama
17 Yasashisa no Riyuu ChouCho Hyouka
16 Courage Haruka Tomatsu Sword Art Online II
15 Kokoroe Road of Major Major
14 Samurai Heart SPYAIR Gintama
13 Melissa Porno Graffiti Fullmetal Alchemist
12 Hare Hare Yukai Aya Hirano, Minori Chihara & Yuko Goto The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
11 Donten DOES Gintama
10 Sousei no Aquarion Akino feat. bless4 Genesis of Aquarion
9 Maji Love 1000% St☆rish UtaPri
8 Lion May'n & Megumi Nakajima Macross Frontier
7 Connect ClariS Madoka Magica
6 Butter-Fly Kouji Wada Digimon Adventure 01
5 Guren no Yumiya Linked Horizon Attack on Titan
4 God Knows Aya Hirano The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
3 Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari supercell feat. Nagi Yanagi Bakemonogatari
2 Only My Railgun fripSide A Certain Scientific Railgun
1 Cruel Angel's Thesis Yoko Takahashi Neon Genesis Evangelion

A lot of these songs should not come as a surprise. A Cruel Angel's Thesis is like the poster child of Anime songs. Only my Railgun and Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari are incredibly popular songs in Japan and are topping popularity lists all the time and God Knows is probably one of the most memorable scenes of a musical performance inside an Anime so who doesn't want to relieve that moment (oh those times where Haruhi was the biggest thing ever and Aya Hirano popularity was insane).


Of course there are some pleasant surprises in there like Yasashisa no Riyuu from Hyouka and other unexpected ones like Melissa from Porno Graffiti being the only FMA song that made the list, and then there are some childhood classics like Butter-Fly from Digimon (not the rap-like song that was used in the NA broadcast) and Chala-Head-Chala from DBZ. Of course like with every poll of this nature there is a little bias towards more recent shows.

There you have it, so now it's time for discussion!

1) Do you have a top 3 (you can put more or even less if you want) favorite Anime songs?



2) Imagine you're at a Karaoke and you want to make the best of that experience but you're only given the opportunity to sing a single song and it has to be an Anime song. What song would you choose?


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