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Have you ever gone into an anime season and thought to yourself “I’m definitely not going to watch this?” Well, that’s where I’m at with this show. Or rather, that’s where I was. I had seen articles about here or there, but it never really peaked my interest. It was flying under the radar. And then Crunchyroll showed a snippet from it on Facebook and I did a hard 180 degree turn and watched the current two episodes, and I want MORE.


If you watched only the first episode, your initial impression is probably something like this: Idiot and perverted guy becomes a substitute teacher at a magic academy and the whole show is comedy with heavy ecchi. Right? I mean, it’s definitely funny even if the ecchi is very heavy, yet it doesn’t have a lot of sticking power. I honestly couldn’t blame you if you dropped it hard after the first episode even after getting a good laugh out of it. This isn’t Konosuba. However, if you push through to the second episode, the real show reveals itself. This isn’t a simple comedy or ecchi show, it aspires to be more than that with action and, quite frankly, some dark turns of events. There’s also more going on under protagonist Glenn’s facade of stupidity and hatred of magic. There are layers to him and the surface has only been scratched.

While Glenn is the star of the show, he does have two, for lack of a better way to phrase it, female sidekicks. The first episode introduces us to Sistine and Rumia, two girls who attend a local magic academy that also happens to be the best in the world or some such. It also has uniforms that I swear look like they’re out of a porno. Anyway, these two girls can be summed up like this just from the first episode: One acts as a foil to the main character by being good at wielding magic and an aspiring scholar, in contrast to Glenn’s distaste for magic and belief that it is good for nothing. Rumia is the apologetic sort who isn’t anything special when it comes to wielding magic, but she loves it all the same. Depending on what you personally take interest in, either of them could be interesting characters in the future, and as far as I’m concerned Rumia gets more interesting in the second episode while Sistine doesn’t take much of a step forward though that could definitely change in the next 10 episodes.


Now, if you asked me which of them could end up as a love interest if the show has something like that in mind, I’d have to say they both have a shot at it being the two female leads thus far, but common sense says that Sistine is the likely bet, though I’d rather it be Rumia for reasons.

In the past I’ve championed Shokugeki no Souma, a series with very heavy ecchi that made the term “foodgasm” and pretty much made it literal, and that turned a lot of people off of that show, but I implored people to watch past the first 4 episodes and see the show for what it truly is, and Akashic Record is no different. The show is heavy on ecchi, I won’t deny that and understand that it’s a turn-off for quite a few anime fans, but for those with the determination to push through it, I highly recommend you watch both of the current episodes before making the decision as to whether or not to drop the show. I considered it after the first episode, but after watching the second my opinion has completely changed and I can’t imagine letting it go.

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