Anime Bloggers Share Secrets to Success in New eBook

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Lauren Orsini’s new ebook Build Your Anime Blog shows you how to make your own successful anime blog.


Orsini is a reporter for the news site ReadWrite and reviews anime for Anime News Network. She is also known as the Otaku Journalist, a freelance reporter who explores the depths otaku culture. Her previous ebook, Otaku Journalism, is a tool-kit for turning your otaku passion into a freelance writing career which was released last year.

In her new book, Orsini interviews twelve successful anime bloggers about their experiences. Instead of picking out the bloggers herself, she polled her readers to see who they wanted to hear from. She wound up with a very diverse group. For instance, Beneath the Tangles is a blog about Christianity and anime. Another blog, Okazu, focuses on lesbian-themed anime. Some do it as their full-time job, while others do it for fun.


Orsini also covers important fundamentals of anime blogging, such as how to pick a platform, generating post ideas, keeping up a schedule, and managing burnout from the (sometimes) grind of producing content.

She does not shy away from some of the more difficult material either. This includes how to get in touch with people in the industry for free anime review copies, blogging on the right side of the law when it comes to copyrighted images, monetization, and journalistic ethics.


“I tried to make nothing seem like magic,” says Orsini. “I don’t want anything to be a question mark.”

Build Your Anime Blog releases on May 1 for $5.99

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