Kokoro Connect finally won! We'll be following the schedule Aiden Ryan created. Since we're dealing with 5 episodes on the first week, this post being late, AND E3 HAPPENING NEXT WEEK, the first AniTAY meeting for Kokoro Connect will be on June 18, Wednesday. We will have a flash AniClub Movie Discussion on Wednesday, though! Comment your movie of choice, winner will be announced tomorrow! No more lists, just go with the flow!

This is the schedule Aiden Ryan created (which is based on the arcs of the show):

Week1: 5 Episodes
Week2: 5 Episodes
Week3: 3 Episodes
Week4: 4 Episodes

Thanks Aiden Ryan!

Also, you can see the results of the poll below! I expect to see those who voted for Kokoro Connect during the succeeding weeks!

ps. I vote for Wolf Children as our AniClub Movie! Any excuse to make people watch Wolf Children is a good excuse!


pps. Wolf Children are allowed on TAYCLASSIC and the TAY IRC!!