Welcome to the first AniClub meeting for Kokoro Connect (with important announcement for all AniClubbers) where we welcome our new best girl, Inaba! (NO OTHER OPINIONS EXIST) Also, admit it guys, you all binged watched this series to the end, didn't you? [Fancy header pic not needed because Inaba]

Ok, so, Kokoro Connect is one of the first anime shows I've watched BUT DAMN IT'S STILL SO GOOD. Every episode was had really funny moments and it's really hard to stop once you start watching!

This being a slice-of-life-ish show, how much you like the main crew matters a great deal. So, what'd you think? Do you like Inaba? Do you like Inaba? Do you like Inaba? DO YOU LOVE HER!? Will you give your whole being to her? Have you accepted Inaba as your one and only best girl? Has Inaba shown you the light? Their is no other way to happiness but through Inaba.


I totes love their ero jokes. Well, maybe it's just me but my group of friends have lots of boyish girls and we love kidding around with these kinds of jokes. It gets too intense sometimes though (and coming from the girls) and I back out haha. BUT IF IT'S INABA OR IORI. I'd die. Probably.


Seriously, look at her, she's awesome.


Moving on, Heartseed! You lovable frikking villain you. I dunno, I really love his deadpan performance and the way he sounds like he doesn't care but deep inside it feels like he's actually helping them (as evidenced by ep. 5).

If there's one thing that I don't like much with male leads surrounded by female leads is that they love going around white knighting *coughKiritocough*. It gets so bad that sometimes the female characters are defined solely by their relationship with the male lead. Thank goodness that's not the case here. They actually seem aware that Taichi goes playing hero a bit too much. Also, we see that the characters all have their own quirks and personalities and won't just drop everything to bone Taichi.


Overall, I think the first arc was really really good. I actually think lesser shows would have taken the first arc and stretched it much longer, possibly one cour, exploring multiple perverted possibilities. Thankfully, Kokoro Connect is much more restrained (besides that awesome first body swap of Taichi!). The visuals are really good for a somewhat low key show and the characters are all lovable in just a few episodes (okay, probably not the other guy, I can't even remember his name).


I'd love to hear what you guys think of it! Also, please indicate up to what episode you've watched! It seems a lot of people binge watched it. I want to see if we can fast track it. It just isn't fun if you all skip the middle sessions :P I'll announce what the final schedule is tomorrow or Saturday, but we're gonna discuss the next 5 episodes next week for sure so make sure to watch those!

And now...GIFs!


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Again, in case you skipped over it, please include in your comments the furthest episode of the show you've watched (previous viewings before AniClub not counted if you're rewatching with us)!