Alright, let's get down to business! Is it time to say goodbye to Kokoro Connect?

First off, I turned into a baby the past week so that's why this just got posted. Last AniClub post for Kokoro Connect (yes, it's still happening) will still go up this ~Friday.

So...of course this post is gonna degenerate into an Inaba-fest!

Inaba, you beautiful animal, you king of the jungle! You savior, you blessed beast! Destroyer and redeemer! Alpha and Omega! Lay conquest to your enemies! Yes, Inaba, yes! Take my body and my soul as weapons in your fight! Use me, Inaba, use me! Use me! USE ME! USE MEE!! HAHAHAHA HAHAHHA HAHAHAHA! HAAA! HAAAA!


Speaking of hysterical laughter, that part where she just shouts out the window after Nagase turns into a kid is pure gold.




Ehem, so, yeah, Inaba was quite aggressive, eh. I love how there's no stupid melodrama even if there's a love triangle.


The character development for Yui and Aoki was pretty great too! The thing Aoki did was a real curve ball and something that was actually kinda...sweet.

You're adorable, Yui, but you look a bit too much like Kirino.

Watching Kokoro Connect reminded me how good the drama in the show is. There's no stupid melodrama and the characters are actually reasonable.


Everything about this show has been lovable including Heartseed! It's a real shame that we might not get to see a second season ever. I just want my Miyuki Sawashiro fix dammit (which I suddenly found in Muramasa, thanks PS+!).

This set of episodes ended with quite the cliffhanger. It's a real shame that most people won't get to see the succeeding events because of stupid business shit. As far as I know it's DVD/BD only so...yeah.

Still, see you guys later this week for the final meeting for Kokoro Connect. Also, please include a theme/genre/category of anime that you want to watch for the next AniClub! (e.g. SciFi, 90s, seinen, Masaaki Yuasa shows, etc...) I'll collate the answers then set-up a poll that will go up this week. To get the ball rolling, I'll nominate Masaaki Yuasa shows.