This is the start of a very lopsided war.

INABA'S IN THE GAME Y'ALL. How do you feel about the show suddenly turning into a love triangle? Pretty fun, eh? The second arc definitely started with a bang with Inaba's antics (get your own screenshot!) and ends with even more Inaba.


All the things in between are still great, though. I love how the show is always self aware that monologues are pretty unnatural and are usually gibberish and how Taichi is kinda like your typical white knight MC. But it's fun because it recognizes this and turns it into an actual plot point! Only other story I remember that has problems with the MC going white knighting around the place is Katawa Shoujo.

Aoki also got a lot more time to shine in this arc. Still, the development is obviously biased towards Taichi, Inaba, and Iori, and I have no problems with that.

Anyway, the twist this arc was pretty unique and it was a lot more serious than the first arc. We still have the standout comedy moments like Inaba suddenly stripping, YAHOO!!, and the food fight, though.


I also like the Taichi - Inaba - Iori dynamic. I can really sympathize with Inaba and how she wants to maintain status quo because she's afraid that the group might change and that she'll be alone again. But what I like more is Iori recognizing that Inaba - Taichi might actually work and that they'll have to battle it out! You don't get to see that much. Usually you'll just have two characters crying and shouting with nary a resolution in sight until the point of contention comes to solve the problem.

Overall, this was another nice arc and a standout one because INABA. It's always Inaba.


I haven't much to say this week, despite the post being late. Nevertheless, do share your thoughts and gifs and pics below!


Release your innermost desires on TAYCLASSIC or the TAY IRC Channel. Also, we'll be discussing episodes 11-13 next week so please don't forget to watch those! I KNOW YOU'VE ALREADY MARATHONED THROUGH THE SERIES. If you have, you can still show up and join in the Inaba madness!

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