Ani-TAY's Top 10 Anime Openings and Endings of 2015

As the year rapidly comes to a close, it is time for the end of the year articles to start rolling out. Like last year I decided to cap off my year of articles covering anime openings and endings by handing things over to you guys, allowing you to vote for whatever openings and endings from this year that you liked, free from any form of restrictions.

Much like last year, things have gone a bit differently than I had planned. Though, oddly enough, in a bit of an opposite way. Last year I only planned on doing a Top 10 + honorable mentions article with the results, but due to all the ties, I had to turn it into a Top 15 list instead. This year, I was planning on doing a Top 15 (10 openings and 5 endings), but due to a lower voter turnout this year, and several ties amongst the openings and endings with a lower vote count that I couldn’t break, we are left with exactly 10 total openings and endings that had more votes than the rest.


That doesn’t mean this resulting Top 10 is free from ties itself. So much like last year, when it comes to the ties, the openings and endings will be listed in reverse alphabetical order. Now that everything is sorted, let’s get the show on the road!

#8T - My Teenage Romantic SNAFU TOO!

Title: Harumodoki | Artist: Nagi Yanagi | Votes: 3

#8T - Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma


Title: Spice | Artist: Karankoron | Votes: 3

#8T - Blood Blockade Battlefront


Title: Hello,world! | Artist: BUMP OF CHICKEN | Votes: 3

#5T - Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace


Title: Mikazuki | Artist: Sayuri | Votes: 4

(Note, the above video is not the actual ending, but a cover. This was used instead of the real deal, because Sony Music has been extremely thorough at stamping out uploads of this show’s opening and ending on video hosting sites)


#5T - The Perfect Insider

Title: Talking | Artist: Kana-Boon | Votes: 4

#5T - Gangsta.


Title: Renegade | Artist: STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION | Votes: 4

#3T - Death Parade


Title: Flyers | Artist: BRADIO | Votes: 5

#3T - Blood Blockade Battlefront


Title: Sugar Song to Bitter Step | Artist: UNION SQUARE GARDEN | Votes: 5

#2 - Noragami Aragoto


Title: Kyoran Hey Kids!! | Artist: THE ORAL CIGARETTES | Votes: 6

This is it folks, time to see what the #1 anime opening or ending of the year is, at least according to the people of Ani-TAY who actually bothered to vote. Could it be Seraph of the End’s first opening? Maybe Seven Deadly Sins made a late comeback now that several people have seen it via Netflix? Maybe.....oh who am I kidding? You can already tell what it is from the header image, if you know my trend of only using shows that actually make the list in the header image. It’s One Punch Man.


#1 - One Punch Man

Title: The Hero!! ~Ikareru Ken ni Honō o Tsukeru~ | Artist: JAM Project | Votes: 8


And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, Ani-TAY’s 10 favorite OPs and EDs of the year. It would appear that the consensus amongst the voters is that Blood Blockade Battlefront had the best combination of OP and ED, seeing how it is the only show to get both of them on the list. So what say y’all? Do you agree with these results or disagree with them? Please feel free to comment below. And with that, I wrap up another year of covering anime openings and endings here on Ani-TAY, thanks again for putting up with me for another year.

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