A hardy group of Ani-TAYers have committed to writing small blurb featuring a different anime or game OP/ED for each day that they find remarkable and worth sharing. Please come and have a look!

We've added a poll so please vote here which entry you think was the best of this week!

Here are the second week of OP/ED's:

Thursday January 8th: Somewhen, Some Worlds With You - The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behaviour - By: Protonstorm


Friday January 9th: Work Guy - Kamen No Maid Guy - By: Raitzeno

Saturday January 10th: Duvet - Serial Experiments Lain - By: Kevin Mai (aka Rockmandash12)


Sunday January 11th: Storm - Shin Getter v/s Neo Getter - By: RyomaNagare

Monday January 12th: Kataomoi - Kimi no Todoke - By: SeanStan

Tuesday January 13th: The Meaning of Truth - F-Zero Falcon Densetsu - Thatsmapizza


Wednesday January 14th: Information High - Macross Plus - By: Exile


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