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Header is from Aquarion Evol, my current high-priority show.

Skipping some of the content in this week's Café because we were off last week.

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Let's be honest, as much as we all like down-to-Earth shows like White Album 2, we also love a good off-the-wall crazy show every now and then.

Back in 2008, just before I entered my brief exile from anime, I watched Genesis of Aquarion by Shoji "This Is Your Premise On Drugs" Kawamori and Satelight (ironically the same studio behind White Album 2). For those of you not privy, Shoji Kawamori is the man behind shows like Macross and Escaflowne. Not only that, but this guy also went to college and got a degree in mechanical design (specifically aircraft designs). He's designed mecha like Macross' Valkyrie, Eureka Seven's Nirvash, most of the original Transformers, and god knows how many others. Basically, you owe Shoji Kawamori a lot if you watch anime or buy anything mecha related.

Anyway, I watched Genesis of Aquarion again. It's basically the codifier of most Shoji Kawamori works: it's pretty nuts, over-the-top in premise, and absolutely ripe with excellent designs and cutting-edge animation. All these years I've come back to Aquarion to rewatch it and then pick up the sequel (released in 2012), Aquarion Evol, to see how far the franchise came in the long gap between shows.


It turns out that I still do love Aquarion quite a bit. It's totally impossible to grasp what's happening in Genesis of Aquarion, but it looks really nice when you pass it through the age filter (it's from 2005 after all). I've started watching Aquarion Evol since I finished the first series and it's already hitting all the right notes that the original show before it used to make me enjoy it. I'm not expecting a great story, but that's just fine (though it's worth noting that this is one of Satelight's collaborations with writer Mari Okada). It's a fun little crazy show.

Besides, we've got this:


That's the topic this week: what show would you stand by through-thick-and-thin even when you know it's lacking in some capacity? It might be a guilty pleasure or something that you recognize has flaws but you honestly just don't care.

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