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Ani-TAY Review Card Etiquette V 2.0

It has recently come to my attention that despite being given instructions on how to use the review card, and then being given even MORE explicit instructions, some rules are still not being followed. As such, here is a super detailed guide to clarify a few minor points on the review card:


As you can see, this review card is heavily heavily flawed. Let’s examine and correct each of the mistakes below.

Illustration for article titled Ani-TAY Review Card Etiquette V 2.0

1.) The biggest and most obvious problem you should notice with the card is that the title is aligned with the red line and looks perfectly normal. It is important that the title is IN the red line, and in the proper font, Gadugi.

2.) As you can see, the quip is too close to the line and far too close to the right side of the card.


3.) The gif is too big and isn’t close enough to the verdict.

4.) The verdict isn’t dramatic enough.

5.) The information doesn’t include why Protonstorm is awesome.

6.) The sections on who the show is for and not for are too honest and straightforward.


7.) The + symbols and - symbols should not be in line with the words.

8.) The section on what Ani-TAY watched should also include any other additional reading done during the viewing of the show during the boring parts.


9.) The also recommended section lists shows too similar and needs to have the shows be out of line with the section title.

And now, the final product of these wonderful changes:


Now go re-read those corrections to see them in a whole new light.

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