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Ani-Tay Question: Would you like to have an OP/ED of the day?

Hey everyone, a small and surprisingly not an original idea popped up in my head. Since TAY and main Kotaku have a track of the day, I thought that Ani-TAY should as well; I mean it's almost fitting for us.

Now hopefully we'll be able to do this , EVERY DAY meaning 365 days of OP/ED (or tracks from OST I don't mind ) Each post will include the song itself obviously, a small explanation of why the author enjoys the song and lastly a fun fact/nice little tidbit about the anime as well.


Hopefully these posts will be able to achieve the following

1. Get a song stuck in your head for the whole day

2. Interest you in the anime that the song derives from, and maybe even pick it up


3. Listen to more of the artist's work

4. Help new/veteran authors start writing

If this is something you'd like to see fruition or aborted, please vote so here


Any ideas on how to improve IF this gets green lit please just comment down and I'll take it aboard.

Finally of course, if you want to participate in writing these, please just sign up here


Depending on how many people sign up will decide how we share workload. If you're worried about the level of commitment you will have to put into this, don't worry you can sign up and say you're happy to only contribute towards X days. I'm sure we can work you in!!

I'll leave voting and signing up till 22.11.14.

If all goes according to plan, and is green lit then you can expect your first op/ed of the day on the first of January.


P.S Thank you Dex for giving me your sign-up form!

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