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Ani-TAY Question of the Week: Your Favorite

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From the moment I started this series of posts, all of three weeks ago, each and everyone of us knew this time would eventually come. Therefore, the question of the week is: what is your favorite anime of all time?


Conversely, do you have a least favorite?

First, I need to make a distinction between a couple of terms, favorite and best. These two words do not always have a one-to-one correspondance for me, just because I may recognize one show as being objectively better than another does not mean I prefer the former.


I have been watching anime for more than 20 years and seen many classics both old and new, so my choice may seem a little odd, as Parasyte - the maxim - is my favorite anime of all time. Parasyte is not a flawless masterpiece, it has its problems, a little too much dub-step in the early goings, some animation hick-ups in the middle and a pretty mediocre supporting cast, but it just doesn’t matter. Because favorites are not objective, they’re subjective and that makes all the difference.

I looked forward to the next episode of Parasyte more so than any other show before or since. I have never experienced a show’s 24 minute run-time feel like only five minutes so consistently, even when most of the episode is just two people standing across from each other talking. I have not re-watched Parasyte yet, though I plan to later this year. It will be very interesting to find out if it holds up during a second viewing. Expect some Upon Further Review articles in the not too distant future.


Right about the time this article posts I will be riding in a shuttle on my way to the airport for a flight from Dallas to Seattle. So if you don’t get a timely response from me, please bear with it, otherwise Talk Amoungst Yourselves while I am away.

Last week’s question:


If you have any ideas for future questions of the week feel free to leave them in the comments, otherwise, see you next Friday.

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