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Ani-TAY Question of the Week: Was the Hype Real?

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Summer 2015 has started and we are more than a week into a whole mess of new anime. Most shows have had a chance to air their first episode and a few are even on to their second. As all of us have shows to look forward to each season, my question for you this week is: was the hype real?


Meaning: Did the shows that you were looking forward to most this season deliver in their first episode or have you been left wanting?

The two shows that I was looking forward to most this season were Rokka no Yuusha and Himouto! Umaru-chan and I am happy to report that both have met my expectations. Rokka is a beautiful show with what looks to be a great lead, who has just the right amount of arrogant bastard in his make-up, while Himouto! appears to be the out-of-control lighthearted comedy I was hoping for.


If I don’t hear from you this week I’ll see you next Friday.

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