Second PSA in a matter of days, weird. That aside, our little paradise of Ani-TAY has recently had some unwanted visitors. That's right: the 'bots have our number. It's all right though because you can help keep Ani-TAY clean, just remember to flag them whenever you see them.

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If you've never flagged a post before, here's your primer:

  1. Find the offending post.
  2. Click the small icon in the top right of the post
  3. Find the Flag (shown as "Unflag" here) button in the resulting dropdown.

You're done. As one of the admins of Ani-TAY, this is the easiest way for you tell me that we've got a spammer in our midst.


Also be on the lookout for more clever bots that look like they're responding normally, only to attempt to get you to click a suspicious link at the end. Those are the worst.

I await the irony of a spam-bot posting here.

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