Up until this point I have kept an admittedly loose grasp on the Ani-TAY spreadsheet and how it functions. It's worked for the most part, but it's gotten a bit cutthroat and it really does need some "legislation".

The original purpose of the spreadsheet remains the same: it's where you go to tell people what you'll be doing in the future, usually what reviews of this season you want to review.


Of course this purpose worked when there were a few of us consistently doing things, but it's gotten a bit too much recently, and I hope you agree. The key instigator here is the practice of claiming shows that are a full season out.

I'm trying my hardest to be diplomatic here, but this has gotten out-of-hand. It was bad enough when there were swaths of shows being gobbled up early on in the season, but this is happening long before we even know what the first episode of a show will look like.


To me, it's okay to express an interest in a show airing a season out, but claiming multiple is taking this a bit far. If we want other people to join us in reviewing the shows of the season with us, we have to give them something to work with. As it stands, much of the spring season has already been claimed. There's nothing more discouraging than realizing that you like a show during a season and realizing that it was already claimed by someone.

I'm not going to force this issue, but this is a call to everyone to show a bit of restraint when picking up shows for the spreadsheet. It's okay to claim one or two things while a season is airing, but you should have good solid reasons for doing so. If it's a season out this goes double, since you haven't even seen the first episode. If only a few take all the good shows, then it stands to reason that everyone else will get the bad shows. It's really a bit unfair.


I really, really don't want to have to an active role in policing this since then it falls to me to make decisions on this. I don't want a newcomer to feel like I'm some kind of wall between them and writing something, that's never my intention. So please, let's all find a happy medium that we're comfortable with that lets newcomers have a fair chance. Show restraint, pick up a show or two, and always have a good reason for picking something.

If anyone wants to talk about this PSA, the state of Ani-TAY, or complaints regarding my handling of this, please contact me on Skype or through dexomega@gmail.com. I'm always willing to discuss the problem at hand.

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