Project Hydra's First Mark: Tenchi Muyo OVA series

Project Hydra, that weird thing where Ani-TAYvians have decided to caper for everyone's amusement by deliberately confusing ourselves, is starting this holiday season with the Tenchi Muyo OVA series. There's six episodes, which means we need six people. We've got two already and we need four more.

As the pilot "project" of Hydra, we'll be the ones that decide how this thing will work for others after it, so join up now so we can figure out how best to do it so the Valvrave project will be excellent.

To sign up for all things related to Project Hydra, go here:…

In there you'll find the first sheet where you can express interest in huge swath of suggested series by people. The second sheet is where you can sign up for the episodes of shows that have had enough interest expressed.

Ani-TAY Presents: Project Hydra

Ever wanted to just jump right into a random episode of a show and just start watching with no information? No? Ever wanted to see a whole team of disproportionately critical individuals do it and then review each episode independently? Well, we kinda think it'll be entertaining, so why not?

The header is by Fatalis. Not pictured: Our confused faces.

Project Hydra is Ani-TAY's newest experiment into coming up with ways to fill up your news feed with reviews entertaining original content. After choosing a series, a team of Ani-TAYers will review every episode of the show, each by a separate person.

One catch: the reviewer isn't allowed to know anything about the show. It's a cold entry. As such, every episode will be judged on what's in it and that's it.

Naturally, each reviewer can choose how they want to approach this. Perhaps a comical approach the review is good, or maybe even dead serious. In any case, whatever the end result is, we really, really hope it barely makes any sense. That's our goal really.

There'll be wit, confusion, and a whole lot of people making up names because we won't know who the characters are. So we'll be doing this as an experiment. We're not sure what series is up first, but it'll probably be a short one to start with.


For now this is all happening on the Ani-TAY chat on Skype, so be sure to check in there if you're interested.

Credit is, of course, going to go to raccooning tanuki and SeanStan for bringing this idea up, and everyone who seems to want a piece of this idea.