The following is a short VN style conversation that occurred within one of the many Ani-TAY Chatrooms between myself (Krakken_Unleashed) and Protonstorm (with Rockmandash12 making a small appearance). The discussion began with an sarcastic comment made towards my own person by Protonstrom which turned into an hour of... well you can read it for yourself.


“You Were the Only One” - A love tale Featuring Yanderestorm and the Klueless_Krakken

Protonstorm: KILL HIM

Krakken_Unleashed : Final words: “Storm did you do something with your hair?”

Protonstorm: do you like it?

Protonstorm: I had my sister do it

Krakken_Unleashed : (i’m not seeing the dialogue options here, but is there a way out that doesn’t lead to a bad end?)

Protonstorm: there are no guides, you must guess! no backtracking either...

Krakken_Unleashed : Choice 1 : “Yes that hair looks lovely on you Storm, maybe I should have your sister do my hair next time.”


Krakken_Unleashed : “No Storm, you’ve only ever been the one for me.” (please don’t trigger Yandere flag)


Protonstorm: rubs Krakken’s shoulders I’m the ONLY one...

Protonstorm: (I’m totally yandere)

Krakken_Unleashed : Pats Storm on the head “There there its okay Storm...” (heart racing from fright)


Protonstorm: smiles happily now let’s go shop for some knives. For cooking.

Krakken_Unleashed : (Accompany Storm) “Sure, the ones at home have been needing replacing” (almost sweating from fear...)

RockmanDash12: “Cooking”

RockmanDash12 flees from the scene

Krakken_Unleashed : <You arrive at the store, Storm leading you by the arm. The shelves are lined with knife blocks, and glass cases display all manner of knives, large cleavers, serrated bread knives, steak knives, and on the end a massive machete hangs ominously.>


Krakken_Unleashed : “So ahh Storm what kind of knife were you looking for...”

Protonstorm: (In the middle of the store is an enormous harpoon called the ‘kraken killer’. Protonstorm points to it) I want that one!

Rock’s Commentary Aside:

RockmanDash12: lol it’s mispelled

RockmanDash12: BTW RIP Krakken_Unleashed

Protonstorm: (It’s named after the mythical beast, which only has one k)

And back to our Scheduled Programming:

Krakken_Unleashed : “Yeah great choice... its not too expensive it it?”

Protonstorm: “It costs an arm and a leg!”

Krakken_Unleashed : (laugh it off) “haha good one” (hopes that laugh sounded genuine)


Protonstorm: What’s so funny?

Protonstorm: Jiiiiiiiiiiii

Krakken_Unleashed : (Cough) “Oh nothing” (stares off to the side)

Protonstorm: slaps Krakken you think you can just dismiss me? Show some respect to your soul mate!


Krakken_Unleashed : (break awkward tension) “So ahh... how did this harpoon get it’s fancy name?”

Protonstorm: Its name? Well, I think a sailor who lost her lover used it to slaughter all other men who courted her.

Krakken_Unleashed : “Oh cheerful tale indeed, they should make a movie out of it...” (regrets not taking the prostrate myself on the ground and beg option)


Protonstorm: True love never dies!

Protonstorm: Even when one of the lovers does...

Krakken_Unleashed : “Of course it doesn’t... But love is best when it is enjoyed by both lovers.. alive and happy together right?”


Protonstorm: But if one is dead then they can’t leave me- I mean the other lover.

Krakken_Unleashed : “Why would anyone want to leave you? Don’t you trust me?”

Protonstorm: “I didn’t say you would leave me... ARE YOU TRYING TO... smiles demonically


Krakken_Unleashed : “I would never... you mean more to me than anything Storm, you always have” (Attempts at hug, shivering in a little fear)

Protonstorm: (accepts hug, then grabs the harpoon) let’s buy this now.

Krakken_Unleashed : (Nod and force smile) “Sure sounds like a great plan...”

Protonstorm: Great! Now let’s just go somewhere less... Lively.

Krakken_Unleashed : “okay... were you still wanting me over for supper tonight? You said you were making a Hot pot, what kind exactly again?”


Protonstorm: You’ll find out, it’s to die for!

Krakken_Unleashed : (force chuckle) “You’re always such a tease Storm... If it were anyone else they might get annoyed.”

Protonstorm: pouts you’re annoyed with me?

Krakken_Unleashed : grabs Storm by the shoulders “No. I didn’t say that. You could never annoy me Storm. I love you too much for that.”


Protonstorm: angry now you’re lyyyyyyying to me! I know it! You hate me! You’re going to leave me... shivers you can’t leave me!

Krakken_Unleashed : (pleading) “No I would never...” Kisses Storm on the mouth

Protonstorm: thrusts harpoon into Krakken mid-kiss hee hee...

Krakken_Unleashed : (tears well up inside) “Why...............” (eyes roll back)

Protonstorm: We’ll be together. Forever.

Protonstorm: dead end

Post Credits Banter:

RockmanDash12: Nooooo

RockmanDash12: BAKA

Krakken_Unleashed : I guess I stayed alive a little over an hour...

Protonstorm: Yeah, that’s a long time with a yandere

RockmanDash12: Why did you have to go and die? Could you be ANY MORE CLUELESS?

RockmanDash12: Baka

Krakken_Unleashed : Do you know how hard it is to not try to piss off a yandere girlfriend! you try it!


RockmanDash12: Tsunderock + Yandere Storm = Death

RockmanDash12: But that was a decent run

Krakken_Unleashed : (turns out Krakken was playing a yandere dating sim with his tsundere girlfriend Rock...)


Krakken_Unleashed : not