This may be an unreasonable statement, but recently I feel like the ghost of Christmas Past when it comes to my presences here on TAY. Every now and then I appear only to remind you of the past. In this case, animes that had amazing first few episodes that clicked for you. The moment you watched those episode you knew you were going to stay for the whole ride. This is the open topic for the podcast!! Hooray!! Anyway this is reasonably sound since we're in the start of a new season, and as always you have your sceptics and instant fans, either berating or vocally celebrating a new series within its first few episodes.

The cast will be casting their minds back to everything they've seen and will list 3 of their most memorable/best opening episodes of series from whenever. We want you to do the same! We as always want your opinion and we'll read out some that we didn't remember, or totally agree/disagree with you on said series.

Anyway hopefully this will be fun, and you can list off as many as you can remember, and when you write down your reasons, be sure to label spoilers so we don't ruin those mesmerizing episodes for others.

From the shockers and plot twists, to just simply the amazing scope of the show and that one amazing joke, I'm sure everyone has a series that captured their hearts in its first few episodes that we can share.


P.S Sorry about the late post, I'm sure we did have a schedule when I write and release these, but as of late I'm just bogged down on everything in the world. Also I couldn't think of a fancier name for the topic, but hopefully you get the general gist of it , basically any show that you thought had amazing first few episodes that made you go, yup I'm going to watch all of this! The picture above is not of my own creation, but one from the internet, and is simply beautiful in the telling of us samflam fans. Anyway, I'll be posting back and checking this regularly hopefully with the others, and look forward to your opinions!! also have a good week everyone and see you around on the podcast!!