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Ani-TAY Podcast, Season 1, Episode 6 : Happy Fun Time

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Step right up, blast those speakers, put on your headphones, and quietly slip in your earphones (all at once). It’s that time again where you listen to the ANI-TAY PODCAST EPISODE 6. Can you believe it 6 months we’ve been running this gig, from the days of recording a skype call (oh I missed those, easier to edit) to now actually recording locally. So thank you for your continued support!


This was reposted for record-keeping purposes in 9/2015. The original was by FruityDrinks on Talk Amongst Yourselves.

In this episode the cast is joined by the immaculate Protonstorm A.K.A Michael. Together we’ll be discussing the most popular anime airing this summer 2014. We’ll be voicing our opinions on these anime along with our general thoughts. While on the subject of popular shows that people tend to gravitate towards, we thought we’d indulge in past popular anime with our views on them.


Hope you enjoy the episode!!

This is the chart of what we’re all watching

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Chapters ( thank you Dex)

Intro: 00:00 - 03:55

Sword Art Online II: 03:56 - 22:06

Tokyo Ghoul: 22:07 - 35:38

Terror in Resonance: 35:39 - 53:10

Akame ga Kill: 53:11 - 01:08:27

Aldnoah.Zero: 01:08:28 - 01:26:28

Ending of Segment One: 01:26:29 - 01:27:05

Richard’s Pick: 01:27:06 - 01:39:16

David’s Pick: 01:39:17 - 01:49:49

Michael’s Pick: 01:49:50 - 02:11:20

Ken’s Pick: 02:11:21 - 02:15:12

Ending: 02:15:13


P.S Hey guys thanks for listening/intending to listen, as always thanks for the show of support. Really proud of the image above, took a skillful eye on paint and many hours! Another past popular anime that I would of said by the way was going to be Guilty Crown! Missed opportunity ? who knows. The picture above is from Golden Time if you wanted to know. So kinda scary that it’s been half a month and we had something planned, but then it got scrapped because stuff and I can’t wait for our full anniversary!! Anywhoo just wanted to say you guys have been great and super supportive, and if I could kindly ask if you could give us a true rating that would reflect your opinion on the show and reviews on the podcast would be utterly fantastic. Also DESTINY !

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