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Ani-TAY Podcast, Season 1, Episode 5 : Midsummer Spoilers

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You know that scene in anime, 2 people agree to meet for a date, and one turns up really early and anxious, the other turns up a little late? Yeah I like to think this is what happened with the release of the podcast.


This was reposted for record-keeping purposes in 9/2015. The original was by FruityDrinks on Talk Amongst Yourselves.

Podcast : Sorry I’m late, were you waiting long?

You : No, it’s okay I just got here

(In reality you arrived and waited almost 2 weeks)

Joining our ranks is the Deadly….Fatalis!! In this spoilerific episode ready to ruin your enjoyment of shows you’ve never seen (though since the release of this episode is a little late, hopefully it won’t!) We picked shows that we really enjoyed at the start of the summer season, which made a great impression on us with the few episodes we had seen at the time. Only then for us to think back of previous shows which had achieve a similar feat of astounding us personally in their first few episodes.


This is the part where you listen to the podcast and then forgive me for being late because you had a blast with the podcast. If not then let me again say sorry for being late!

Here’s the table of everything we’re all watching in the season

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Intro: 00:00 - 3:55

Sabagebu - Survival Game Club: 3:56 - 12:37

Invaders of the Rokujyoma: 12:38 - 24:00

Ao Haru Ride: 24:01 - 35:09

Barakamon: 35:10 - 49:45

Ending of Segment One: 49:46 - 51:45

Open Topic: 51:46 - 52:37

Richard’s Picks: 52:38 - 1:10:43

Kevin’s Picks: 1:10:44 - 1:19:50

Fatalis’ Picks: 1:19:51 - 1:39:30

David’s Picks: 1:39:31 - 1:48:05

Ken’s Picks: 1:48:06 - 1:56:46

User Comments: 1:56:47 - 2:07:55

Outro: 2:07:56 - End

Big thanks for David for doing the QC and Chaptering!


P.S For you keen fans if you look at the picture, yes the date said the 4th, it was when this was meant to be released , so yes you’re right!! (I again didn’t make this image, so I take no credit for it) Also the title “Midsummer Spoilers” was meant to be a terrible reference for “Midsummer Murder” in the sense that the spoilers we disclosed would have killed the show for people who haven’t seen it (or was a good reference?) Anyway super sorry about the late release of the episode. I can’t promise anything but next episode shouldn’t be as late as this.

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