Let me just say, sorry for the super long delay. It’s been a very busy period for a lot of us and this was nearly the death of me. After that being said, it’s the one and only Ani-TAY Podcast !! Episode 12, we did it for a year!!

This episode features the usual with Toshi filling in for Richard. we discuss some old anime along with the new ones, and Fruity planned something super fun at the second segment for everyone to enjoy!!

Note: Kevin’s microphone went haywire at certain moments, so during the 54th minute and a bit onward, we are replying to Kevin even though you might not hear him!!

Our chart. (Note it’s incomplete at the time and not fully correct)




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Chapters (Thanks Michael)


START - 00:01:52

David’s Picks

00:01:53 - 00:09:29 Food Wars

00:09:30 - 00:13:30 Knights of Sidonia S2

00:13:31 - 00:18:57 Re-Kan

Kevin’s Picks

00:18:58 - 00:23:10 Punchline

00:23:11 - 00:30:24 Akito the Exiled

Ken’s Picks

00:30:25 - 00:35:37 Digimon Adventure Tri

00:35:38 - 00:42:24 Sound! Euphonium

00:42:25 - 00:43:14 nothing to see here...

Toshi’s Picks

00:43:15 - 00:47:28 Triage X

00:47:29 - 00:52:28 Kekkai Sensen/Blood Blockade Battlefront

00:52:24 - 00:56:30 Ore Monogatari!!/My Love Story!!

00:56:31 - 1:03:57 The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan

Part 2 - 1:03:58

Protonstorm Enters the Fray


Stanlick Strikes Back

01:21:05- 01:38:49

Krakken Reaches Out

01:38:50 - 02:09:29


02:09:30 - END (quite a long outro)

Also big special thanks to Michael again for doing QC for me !!

P.S Yeah short story was, we took another break but you can expect to hear from us again!!