Hey guys! Been a while right? Well dont worry; we’re back with a brand new episode of the Ani-TAY Podcast, just in time! So sit back , relax and have a good time.

Whole new year, whole new anime , same old cast! We’ll be discussing some of the brand new anime airing winter 2014, and touching on one that is still going strong. Also we go topical with February where the crew will tell us their favourite romantically themed anime in time for Valentines!



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Intro: START - 00:01:02

Yurikuma Arashi: 00:01:03 - 00:13:45

Yatterman Knights: 00:13:46 - 00:27:30

Death Parade: 00:27:31 - 00:43:20

Shirobako: 00:43:21 - 01:12:47

Romance Anime Segment Intro: 01:12:48 - 01:13:30

Rockmandash’s Picks: 01:13:31 - 01:17:36

Dexomega’s Picks: 01:17:37 - 01:23:35

Richard’s Picks: 01:23:36 - 01:33:48

Fruity’s Picks: 01:33:49 - 01:39:38

Dex’s Bonus: 01:39:39 - 01:41:13

Romance Anime Segment Outro: 01:41:14 - 01:41:48

Outro: 01:41:49 - END


P.S. Sorry we didn’t tell you guys we had a festive break between December and January! So here’s a roughly on time episode for you guys to enjoy!

Hope you guys are enjoying 2015 so far, it’s been pretty average so far, but who know what lies ahead. OP/ED A Day are fun , let’s hope they continue to be fun and over analyzed (that’s mainly me...) Anyway, have an awesome time people!

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