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Ani-TAY Podcast, Season 1, After Hours Episode 2

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It’s been a while since we did one of these, so if you are not familiar with the concept, check out episode 1. After Hours is where we just talk about anything we want, and we certainly did that, but we tried to focus on this season. On this edition of after hours, we didn’t have Ken, so Kevin (Rockmandash12) is taking place of the host (and the editing ;-;), and like usual we have Dex (Dexomega), but joining our ranks is Michael (Protonstorm, First Half), Thomas (Thatsmypizza), and once again, Koda (Koda89).


These episodes will have no chapters and are totally unstructured, with us going off many tangents because it’s after-hours! No restrictions or rules in place and hopefully just as much fun. Please excuse the not great editing and random mice clicking :/


Anime Economy Article:…



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