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Welcome to Ani-TAY news, your (insert large time period here) stop for all recent Anime, Manga, VNs, LNs, etc. news out there. I will bring you a lot of random news from around the web (hopefully) every week to keep you up to date with the latest things going on around.


3rd Hanamonogatari's Long Promo streamed

The official website for the Monogatari Series Second Season anime began streaming the third promotional video for the anime of NisiOisin's Hanamonogatari book on Friday. The video features the anime's main theme song, "Hanaato -shirushi-" (What the Flowers Leave Behind -Proof-) by Marina Kawano and our fair share of Miyuki Sawashiro :P. The series premiers on August 16th (The trailer includes English subtitles)

The Moe domain is here!

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Not joking, this is real. Like it or not, Moe is one integral part of Japanese Animation (and more). ICANN the organization responsible of the management of domains worldwide is being looser in recent months and now people in general can obtain a .more domain. If you want to read more about this, check this site:

Cast for KyoAni's Amagi Brilliant Park revelead

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KyoAni revelead during the TBS Anime Festa a new trailer for his upcoming of Amagi Brillant Park, and while the trailer is not yet available, thanks to it we know who are the voice actors that are starring the show

Seiya Kanie: Kouki Uchiyama
Isuzu Sento: Ai Kakuma
Latifah Fleuranza: Yukyo Fujii
Muse: Yuuka Aisaka
Milfer? (ミルファー) : Tomoyo Kurosawa
Coholee? (コホリー): Shiori Mikami
Salam? (サーラマ): Minami Tsuda
Macaron: Ryouko Shiraishi
Tirami: Ai Nonaka
Moffle: Ayako Kawasumi


The series is based on the Light Novels written by Shoji Gatoh (FMP!) and it will be directed by Yasuhiro Takemoto. This will mark the first time since Hyouka (which was directed by Takemoto with scripts by Gatoh, as was the case with FMP!) that Kyoto Animation adapts an Anime that is not based on one of its properties (Free!, Chuu2koi and Kyokai no Kanata were based on LNs that won an honorable mention award at the Kyoto Animation Award competition [and they weren't very faithful adaptations] and Tamako Market was an original story)

Haruhi Hunting Campaign Ends

If you like me were expecting that the "unannounced" news in the Haruhi Hunting campaign were that Nagaru Tanigawa finally drew inspiration to write the next volume of the Light Novel, and not that the Nagato Yuki-chan Anime (which we already knew was getting an Anime adaptation) was in production

The "Haruhi Hunting" campaign (a campaign made to promote the upcoming at the time Pachinko game) released a new video with a bonus 708th frame on Friday. 707 different Haruhi Suzumiya photo frames were printed and scattered throughout convenience store and outdoor advertising, magazines, websites, and elsewhere all over Japan. As people took snapshots of all 707 photo frames and uploaded them to the campaign's website, the new Haruhi Suzumiya footage was gradually unveiled and to finish we got this video when we can hear Minori Chihara's (Nagato Yuki's VA) voice saying that it's over.


Bonus: And for Visual Novel fans please read this.

Top 20 of the month

Since I didn't write anything for a while, I have something to make it up for you. I bring to you not one, nor two, but three top 20 polls to discuss (one less than the others, you'll see why).


First off, now that Spring Anime is over Japanese entertainment website Urepia asked its users which series did they think was the season's very best. Here are the results:

Best Anime from Spring 2014

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18, 19, 20) Baby Steps, Nanana's, Captain Earth (Three-way tie)
17) If Her Flag Breaks (Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara)
16) Soul Eater Not!
15) Chaika The Coffin Princess
14) Mangaka-san to Assistant-san
13) Brunhildr in the Darknes
12) Mekaku City Actors
11) Black Bullet
10) The Irregular At Magic High School
9) Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
8) Others (Yeah, this was an actual choice)
7) Ping Pong The Animation
5, 6) Haikyuu!, Knights of Sidonia (Two-way tie)
4) Is the Order A Rabbit?
3) One Week Friends
2) Love Live!
1) No Game, No Life


And while we wait for the next Ani-TAY collaboration article about the Summer Anime 2014 worth watching you can have a peek at the preferences of the Japanese made by popular poll site Charapedia:

Best (so far) Anime from Summer 2014

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20) Sailor Moon Crystal
19) Love Stage
18) Hanayamata
17) Survival Game Club
16) Glasslip
15) Rokujyoma no Shinryakusha!?
14) Jinsei
13) Re: Hamatora
12) Psycho-Pass: New Edition
11) Fate/ Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Zwei!
10) Ao Haru Ride
9) Barakamon
8) Akame Ga Kill!
7) Terror in Resonance
5) Black Butler: Book of Circus
4) Monthly Shoujo Nozaki-kun
3) Tokyo Ghoul
2) Free! Eternal Summer
1) Sword Art Online II


*Potential spoilers follow, so thread with care*

Next one is one of those topics we all love to discuss, I'm talking about the BEST COUPLE in Anime. Once again made by Charapedia here are the very interesting results.


Best Couple in Anime:

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20. Hotarō Oreki + Eru Chitanda «Hyouka».
19. Yato + Hiyori Iki «Noragami».
18. Kojou Akatsuki + Yukina Himeragi «Strike The Blood».
17. Mikiya Kokutou + Shiki Ryougi «Kara no Kyokai».
16. Shuyo Kano + Tsubomi Kido «Mekakucity Actors».
15. Rintarou Okabe + Kurisu Makise «Steins;Gate».
14. Kyousuke Kousaka + Kirino Kousaka «Oreimo».
13. Sorata Kanda + Mashiro Shiina «Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo».
12. Shota Kazehaya + Sawako Kuronuma «Kimi ni Todoke».
11. Hijikata Toshiro + Okita Mitsuba «Gintama».
10. Kira Yamato + Lacus Clyne «Gundam Seed».
9. Yuta Togashi + Rikka Takanashi «Chunibyo Demo Koi ga Shitai!?».
8. Shinichi Kudo + Ran Mori «Detective Conan».
7. Raku Ichijo + Chitoge Kirisaki Onodera Kosaki «NiseKoi».
6. Okita Sogo + Kagura «Gintama».
5. Ryuuji Takasu + Taiga Aisaka «Toradora».
4. Tomoya Okazaki + Furukawa Nagisa «CLANNAD».
3. Touma Kamijo + Misaka Makoto «To Aru».
2. Koyomi Araragi + Hitagi Senjougahara «Monogatari».
1. Kirito + Asuna «Sword Art Online».

So what do you think? Confused because Charapedia mispelled Onodera's name? surprised because Kyuose+Kirino made the list? flabbergasted that Black Bullet ranked higher than Chaika, and Mahouka despite being pretty popular in Japan didn't fare so well? Not surprised at all than SAO II is the most popular Anime of the season and Japan doesn't care for Space Dandy? What are your Top 3 for each category?

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