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Magic Knight Rayearth will have BD Box To Celebrate 20th Anniversary


Clamp's Classic Magic Knight Rayearth is turning 20 years old, and to celebrate a BD-Box will be released to revive the adventures of Hikaru, Umi, Fuu and Mokona.

The pack will include BD containing the 49 episodes of the series, the 3 OVAs released on 1997, a 24-page booklet, clean OP and ED, the pilot episode, a digital gallery and a poster illustrated by Atsuko Ishida (the box will be illustrated by her too) The set comes out on October 29, 2014 and is listed at 38,800 yens

Source: 0takomu via koi-nya

Tezuka Characters X Otomate Crossover Exhibit


Osamu Tezuka is known for many things—penning legendary classics, creating beautiful and timely stories, and captivating the imaginations of countless fans across the world—but he's not exactly known for drawing pretty boys. At least, not in the same aesthetic that we've come to associate with modern bishonen. All of that will change with the next exhibit set to open at the Takarazuka City Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum. From July 4 to October 27, visitors will be able to see the Otomate x Osamu Tezuka 20th Anniversary exhibit, which will combine popular Tezuka characters with those from Otomate, a subsection of Idea Factory that develops otome games like Sweet Fuse, Amnesia, Diabolik Lovers, Hakuōki, and others.The exhibit will be on the second floor of the museum.


Source: ANN

Adorable Miku Tutorial Video for Piapro Studio

Want to make your own Vocaloid music? Don't know where to start, or what buttons to push? then check the new video on HatsuneMiku Youtube channel (includes English subtitles), a tutorial on how to use Studio One and Piapro Studio to turn your lyrics into the synthesized stylings of Miku. Both come bundled in Hatsune Miku V3. Of course, the Project Diva games comes with a Video Editor too.


Source: HatsuneMiku Channel

Japanese University Professor Uses Anime Characters In His Lecture


We can learn something from him.

Japan is known as the land of anime so its pretty certain that there are a lot of anime fans in the country who ain't afraid to show off their interests in work. One professor in a Japanese university is one anime fan who has incorporated his interest with work as he featured a couple of anime characters in his lectures. Pictured you can see Lucky Star's resident tsundere, Kagami Hiiragi the image was taken from the lecture by one of the students. He also used Frenda Seivelun from the To Aru series series in his lectures.However, the professor seems to have gotten wind of the image which was posted in the student's twitter page. This is how the professor got his revenge. Looks like the anime professor got the last laugh. The student on the other hand admitted that he and his anime-loving professor are now friends after he was exposed in class.


Source: SGCafe

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