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Sword Art Online II Airs on July 5, Second Trailer Available

According to Sword Art Online official twitter account, the second season of the Anime will be airing on July 5 at 23:30 on Tokyo MX and some hours later trough various streaming sites worldwide. The show will have a worldwide pre-screening on Japan on June 29 and in other countries including USA and UK on July 4.

Also thanks to German streaming site Peppermint Anime we can get a look at the second CM of the show (first trailer over here in case you missed it):

Source: Hachima Kikou via koi-nya

Space Dandy Cast Models Fashion for Store

Ahead of the Anime's return in July, online retailer ZozoTown has employed the cast of Space Dandy to model their fashion offerings. In illustrations supervised by character designer/animator Yoshiyuki Ito, the titular dandy guy in space, along with QT, Meow, Honey, Dr. Gel and Bea sport items by BIG JOHN, glamb, gonoturn, JAM HOME MADE, junhashimoto, meiple, SEVESKIG and VANQUISH. Go here for more


Source: Crunchyroll

Unaired Chaika โ€“ The Coffin Princess episode to be bundled as an OVA with Vol. 12 of the light novels


It has just been announced that an unaired episode of the popular fantasy anime, Chaika โ€“ The Coffin Princess , or Hitsugi no Chaika, will be released as an OVA and will come bundled with the original light novel's volume 12.

The OVA will be released as a Blu-ray and will be released along with Vol. 12 on March 10, 2015 which will cost 4,200 yen.


Another scan reveals that the Chaika light novel series will end at the same time as the anime. A season 2 for the the anime has been announced by its official twitter, and it will premiere October 2014 as part of the Fall anime season. The scan announced that both the anime and the light novels will run parallel to one another, so it seems the second season will finish in the same as the original source material.

Source: SGCafe

Kadokawa Recalls Manga Designated As Unhealthy


Remember that piece of news about the restriction for sale of manga Imouto Paradise! 2 because it was considered unhealthy? Well, to avoid problems Kadokawa has decided to issue a "voluntary recall so that bookstores can avoid confusion and trouble.". The publisher noted it is considering how to move forward regarding the volume's publication, and has not decided if it will protest the government's decision and other matters.

Source: ANN

Bonus: Remember that Nisekoi game for the PSVita? Well Konami has opened the teaser site and it comes equipped with a 60 day countdown clock. Go and click on your favorite girl (who we all know is Onodera)


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